News - Archive 2020

December 2020

  • Notice of the President of the DPMA (22.12.2020)
    Notice of the President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office of 8 December 2020 concerning the amount of provision costs for the supply of machine-readable data
  • Information for small and medium-sized enterprises (18.12.2020)
    Up to 1,500 EUR grant for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for consultancy on and registration of intellectual property rights
  • Press release (17.12.2020)
    Open to good ideas – InnoWi becomes an official patent and trade mark centre in the federal Land of Bremen
  • Milestones (17.12.2020)
    Konrad Zuse died 25 years ago: Technology history made from the living room
  • Misleading Requests for Payment (16.12.2020)
    Beware of nasty Christmas surprises
  • Milestones (14/12/2020)
    Beethoven´s 250th birthday: The grumpy, deaf genius
  • Ingenious women (04/12/2020)
    Gene scissors, Black Holes & poetry: Four women get Nobel Prizes 2020
  • Background (04/12/2020)
    Santa patents, brands, designs: Christmas time and IP
  • Publications (02/12/2020)
    Updated brochures on DPMAregister, E-services, Trademark search and Design search

November 2020

  • DPMAregister (30/11/2020)
    New "Advanced" search mode
  • Notice of the President of the DPMA (26.11.2020)
    of the President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office of 17 November 2020 concerning the cessation of the receipt of IP applications by the Patent- und Normenzentrum in Bremen
  • Notice of the President of the DPMA (26.11.2020)
    of the DPMA concerning the publication of the Patent Gazette, the Trade Mark Journal and the Design Gazette on the official Internet platform DPMAregister in 2021
  • Number of the month November (26.11.2020)
    2 743 patent applications from freelance inventors in Germany
  • Press release (25.11.2020)
    New generation of microchips: DPMA President congratulates winners of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis award
  • Press release (23.11.2020)
    “There is inventive talent all over Bavaria“. From high-tech medicine to coffee capsules: President of DPMA congratulates the winners of the 2020 Bavarian Innovation Prize (Innovationspreis Bayern)
  • Milestones (13.11.2020)
    Elli Kaut's 100th birthday
  • Events (16.11.2020)
    DPMAnutzerforum 2021 as live stream from Munich
  • Public notifications via bulletin board (11.11.2020)
    Public notifications can be inspected from 16 November 2020
  • 30 years of German unity (09/11/2020)
    Traditional brands from the East of Germany
  • Ingenious women (06/11/2020)
    Hedy Lamarr´s birthday / Day of the inventor: Inventive femme fatale
  • Milestones (04/11/2020)
    125 years of Röntgen´s discovery of X-ray: A Picture that changed the world
  • Cooperation (02/11/2020)
    The User Advisory Council’s digital meeting

October 2020

  • Press release (30/10/2020)
    Where are the heirs of expansion plugs and screw-in studs? German Patent and Trade Mark Office analyses patent applications of independent inventors
  • Notice of the President of the DPMA (28/10/2020)
    concerning the opening hours of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office from 24 December 2020 to 1 January 2021
  • Background (21/10/2020)
    Halloween and IP: Patents of horror
  • Number of the month October (20/10/2020)
    3,948 GDR brands still alive
  • Coronavirus-Update (19/10/2020)
    As from now, no summons to hearings or oral proceedings
  • Important Notices (15/10/2020)
    European cooperation in the field of trade mark law - harmonisation of the decision-making practice regarding right-preserving use of a trade mark in a form differing from the one registered
  • Notice of the President of the DPMA (14/10/2020)
    concerning the Guidelines for the Examination of Trade Mark Applications and for Keeping the Register
  • Milestones (05/10/2020)
    John Lennon's 80th birthday: Lucrative icon
  • 30 years of German unity (02/10/2020)
    Two German patent offices merged to become one office

September 2020

  • Number of the month September (25/09/2020)
    77.5 percent of all registrations are submitted online
  • Background (23/09/2020)
    Trademark Law Modernisation Act: First experiences and outlook
  • PIZnet action week "Property right strategies for SMEs" (22/09/2020)
    Make an appointment now for a free orientation consultation
  • Background (18/09/2020)
    Munich Oktoberfest cancelled - Serious drinking: Beer & IP
  • Coronavirus - Update (17/09/2020)
    DPMA extends protective measures against coronavirus
  • Background (16/09/2020)
    Sustainability Action Days
  • Announcement (15/09/2020)
    Trade marks: Announcement of the usual characters accepted by the DPMA pursuant to section 7 of the Trade Mark Ordinance
  • Milestones (11/09/2020)
    Jimi Hendrix´s 50th anniversary of death: The wild god of guitar - Virtuoso, innovator, brand
  • Press release (09/09/2020)
    New visualisation system nominated for the Zukunftspreis award at the suggestion of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office – DPMA President: More people could benefit from high-performance medicine
  • Coronavirus - Update (04/09/2020)
    German Patent and Trade Mark Office remains closed for the public due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Background (02/09/2020)
    Global Innovation Index 2020 - Innovation in the times of Corona: At the top everything stays the same

August 2020

  • Information by the trade mark departement (27/08/2020)
    When trade marks become generic
  • Press release (26/08/2020)
    PIZnet campaign week: "IP strategies for SMEs" - Nationwide free consultations providing guidance and orientation to small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups
  • Background (19/08/2020)
    James Bond: Brands and technology in Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • Background (17/08/2020)
    The perfect private castle on the beach in Corona times
  • Number of the month August (11/08/2020)
    165,000 requests to the DPMA customer service
  • Background (05/08/2020)
    The Champions League Final Tournament: The technology behind the ball
  • Apollo's women (03/08/2020)
    The women who took Neil Armstrong to the moon

July 2020

  • Milestones (24/07/2020)
    The world´s first subway: The tube under the Thames
  • Number of the month July (14/07/2020)
    23,143 patent applications in the field of digitisation in 2019
  • Classifications (02/07/2020)
    Next Version of IPC Enters into Force on January 1, 2021

June 2020

  • Milestones (30/06/2020)
    135 years rabies vaccination: Pasteur's heirs and the search for the redeeming vaccine
  • Corona Update (29/06/2020)
    Information on the partial reopening of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office for public access
  • Press release (23/06/2020)
    Federal Administrative Court clarifies central issue of supervision of collecting societies and thus strengthens competences of the DPMA
  • On occasion of the MSME Day of the United Nations on 27 June 2020 (12/06/2020)
    Sustainable corporate growth through IP rights
  • Milestones (08/06/2020)
    Bernhard Dräger´s 150th birthday - The reinvention of breathing
  • Number of the month June (03/06/2020)
    76,919 effective utility models in Germany

May 2020

  • Notice No. 1/20 (29/05/2020)
    of the President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office concerning the Guidelines for the Search under section 43 of the Patent Act (Search Guidelines)
  • Background (28/05/2020)
    World Bicycle Day: Drais´ invention - the best way of mobility?
  • Background (19/05/2020)
    The Bollerwagen: Much-loved beer wagon
  • Press release (19/05/2020)
    E-mobility and autonomous driving: Innovations have risen rapidly
  • Milestones (12/05/2020)
    60 years of laser: Shine a light
  • Number of the month May (08/05/2020)
    1 475 registrations for agricultural products and foodstuffs
  • Milestones (08/05/2020)
    85 years parking meter: The patented penny grave"
  • Milestones (04/05/2020)
    75 years after WWII: Enigma - cryptography and war

April 2020

  • Press Release (29/04/2020)
    "Efficient, fast and low-cost": law amendments strengthen rights of trade mark proprietors
  • Background (28/04/2020)
    Star Wars Day: Use the force - Intellectual Property Rights around "Star Wars”
  • Press Release (24/04/2020)
    To celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, the German Patent and Trade Mark Office looks at renewable energy – DPMA president: key technologies for the future of our economy and society
  • Events (22/04/2020)
    World IP Day 2020 - Innovate for a green future
  • Milestones (22/04/2020)
    90 years "Knirps": Great little umbrella
  • Background (17/04/2020)
    Looking for ideas! World day of Creativity and Innovation
  • Background (08/04/2020)
    WIPO report 2019: China leading in international patent applications
  • Milestones (07/04/2020)
    Break-up 50 years ago: Beatles, Brands & Apples
  • Background (07/04/2020)
    Easter time and Corona: DPMA warns against misleading requests for payment
  • Number of the month April (06/04/2020)
    2 367 trade mark applications in the class 30
  • Background (03/04/2020)
    Easter patents: How does the Easter Bunny lay his eggs?n
  • Common Communications from EUIPO and national offices published (01/04/2020)
    "Common practice for assessing disclosure of designs on the Internet" and "Harmonisation of the practice regarding the distinctiveness of three-dimensional marks containing other elements"

March 2020

  • On the death of Albert Uderzo (20/03/2020)
    The "Asterix" father: World literature with wild boars
  • Milestones (20/03/2020)
    175th birthday of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen: The Ray Man
  • Notice (16/03/2020)
    Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the information centres and research rooms of the DPMA will remain closed until further notice.
  • Background (13/03/2020)
    UN World Water Day: Inventions in the fight against water shortage
  • DPMA warns against current fraudulent invoice (13/03/2020)
    Please note: The DPMA does not send invoices or payment requests for application and annual/renewal fees.
  • Notice (12/03/2020)
    in view of the spread of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 and its impact
  • International Women´s Day (06/03/2020)
    Apollo´s women: The heroines behind the moon landing
  • Number of the month (06/03/2020)
    1,319 female staff at the DPMA
  • Milestones (05/03/2020)
    Post-it anniversary: Career of the sticky notes (with a slow start)
  • Events (03/03/2020)
    The German Patent and Trade Mark Office regrets that it has to cancel the DPMAnutzerforum meeting in Munich, scheduled for 24 March 2020, due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

February 2020

  • Press release (28/02/2020)
    German Patent and Trade Mark Office more productive than ever before: Federal office completes more than 40,000 patent procedures
  • Milestones (28/02/2020)
    Wooden infernal machine: "Natter", the first manned rocket, started 75 years ago
  • Services (19/02/2020)
    IP rights briefly explained
  • Background (13/02/2020)
    On Valentine’s Day: Is there a patent medicine for love?
  • Background (11/02/2020)
    World Radio Day: Diversity by radio / 120 years Marconi patent
  • When the pictures started moving (07/02/2020)
    125 years ago: Patent für the brother Lumière´s Cinematograph
  • Background (07/02/2020)
    Negative Award "Plagiarius" sheds public light on damage caused by counterfeits
  • Number of the month (03/02/2020)
    14 877 design applications in the goods class "furniture"

January 2020

  • Notice of 24 January 2020 (28/01/2020(
    concerning the search report for a patent application according to section 43 of the Patent Act (Patentgesetz)
  • Milestones (14/01/2020)
    Roller coaster patents: 135 years of screeching and racing
  • Announcement of 10 January 2020 (10/01/2020)
    of the readable types of data carriers at the DPMA and the formats for the representation of trade marks
  • Number of the month (08/01/2020)
    75 548: Number of main and subgroups of the IPC
  • Classifications (07/01/2020)
    What is new in January 2020?

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