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Data supply services of the DPMA

pdf-Datei information brochure on the supply of data

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) has the duty to grant, register, administer and publish IP rights (patents, utility models, trade marks and designs). Publications are released by the DPMA via its Internet services DPMAregister and DEPATISnet.

The data published by the DPMA in this manner in connection with pending IP rights procedures may also be supplied by the DPMA to third parties on the basis of an agreement and against payment of the cost for the provision of the data (marginal cost). The DPMA takes into account data protection issues with respect to personal data which the office has the statutory duty to disclose.

It is possible to create your own IP database with these data, for example. The DPMA facilitates and promotes the distribution and use of German IP information via the possibility of integration of IP rights data into such systems and services.

You have the following options for data retrieval:

  • weekly supply of current IP data on the respective publication date
  • permanent access to the DEPATISnet document archive via interface
  • permanent access to DPMAregister via interface
  • data of all types of industrial property rights from previous years (backfile data)

Who retrieves DPMA data?

You will find the companies, institutions and persons subscribing or having subscribed to the data of the DPMA in the
Overview of data recipients.

Last updated: 10 August 2019 


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