News - Archive 2018

December 2018

  • Press release (21/12/2018)
    Only six per cent female inventors: Women greatly underrepresented in terms of patent applications in Germany

  • Press release (20/12/2018)
    DPMA supports libraries for the blind

  • Ingenious women (20/12/2018)
    150th birthday of Käthe Paulus: Aviation pioneer, acrobat, inventor

  • Milestones (04/12/2018)
    200 years of “Silent Night”: The song, its history and the trade marks

  • Ingenious women (04/12/2018)
    Nobel Prize Award 2018: Three women awarded - Prizes for Physics and Chemistry for female Researchers

  • Ingenious women (03/12/2018)
    Against all odds: Ada Lovelace and the overture of the age of computer

November 2018

  • Background (27/11/2018)
    DesignEuropa Award goes to Hartmut Esslinger: DPMA Vice President Christine Moosbauer congratulates the internationally renowned designer on winning the "Lifetime Achivement Award"
  • Milestones (22/11/2018)
    50 years White Album: The Beatles, their masterpiece and a famous trademark dispute
  • Milestones (22/11/2018)
    50 years of Kevlar: The bulletproof fibre from the chemistry laboratory
  • Background (16/11/2018)
    AI and intellectual property rights: Conference and dossier
  • Notice of the President of the DPMA 5/2018 (12/11/2018)
    Publication of the Patent Gazette (Patentblatt), the Trade Mark Journal (Markenblatt) and the Design Gazette (Designblatt) on the official Internet platform DPMAregister in 2019
  • Notice of the President of the DPMA 4/2018 (08/11/2018)
    Opening hours of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office from 22 December 2018 to 1 January 2019
  • Milestones (07/11/2018)
    Lise Meitner: The bypassed pioneer
  • Milestones (07/11/2018)
    60 years expansion dowel: The masterpiece of the mass inventor
  • Guests at DPMA (01/11/2018)
    Info Day for the start-up scene: IP information for people with migrant and refugee backgrounds

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October 2018

September 2018

  • 90 years Penicillin (27/09/2018)
    Blunting wonder weapon
  • European Union Trade Mark Directive (26/09/2018)
    Planned changes of the Trade Mark Act: Information on the amendment of the European Union Trade Mark Directive
  • DPMA and Chinese partner authority CNIPA expand cooperation (24/09/2018)
    Meeting of the heads of offices in Munich
  • Annual Report 2017 (24/09/2018)
    Now available in English
  • 35 years ago: The first mobile phone on the market (20/09/2018)
    Communication revolution with a slow start
  • Press release (12/09/2018)
    Research on drugs, drive system, renewable energy – three innovative developments nominated for Deutscher Zukunftspreis
  • 60 years Integrated Circuit (10/09/2018)
    Big bang of microelectronics
  • 20 years DPMA in Jena (04/09/2018)
    Sub-Office celebrates its birthday
  • Autonomous driving (01/09/2018)
    The top of the patent ranking

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August 2018

  • 40th anniversary of Germany's first space flight (23/08/2018)
    Sigmund Jähn and the MKF 6 – world-class excellence in space

  • Information, inventor quiz and attractive positions (22/08/2018)
    German Patent and Trade Mark Office introduces itself as an employer for engineers at the Federal Government's Open Day

  • Notice 2/2018 of the President of the DPMA (01/08/2018)
    concerning the revision of the guideline for the examination of trade mark applications and the keeping of the register

July 2018

  • International Beer Day (30/07/2018)
    Serious drinking: Beer an IP

  • When the moon goes out (23/07/2018)
    Total lunar eclipse on July 27

  • Press release of 6 July 2018 (06/07/2018)
    "A sustainable strengthening of Germany as a location for innovation" – additional posts for the German Patent and Trade Mark Office – attractive employer with many career opportunities

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June 2018

  • The DPMA at CEBIT (10/06/2018)
    Tailor-made information services on innovation and trade mark protection for the IT industry

  • European Inventor Award (09/06/2018)
    "Most innovative minds of our continent": DPMA Vice-President congratulates winners of the European Inventor Award 2018
  • 175 Years of Fax (29/05/2018)
    When the picture learned to turn into electricity

  • Beelitzer Spargel (24/05/2018)
    On the similarities between an asparagus brand and Europe

  • Audience Award (23/05/2018)
    Who will win the Audience Award? Two Germans in the race for the European Inventor Award, which will be awarded on 7 June 2018.

  • International Day of Light (16/05/2018)
    Nothing works without light - discoveries and innovations in the field of light

  • European Inventors Award (03/05/2018)
    MRI pioneer Jens Frahm nominated

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January - April 2018

  • Star Wars Day (30/04/2018)
    May the 4th be with you! Star Wars Day

  • World Women's Day 2018 (26/04/2018)
    Powering change: Women in innovation and creativity
  • Important Notice on encryption technology (24/04/18)
    DPMA has revised encryption technology for data traffic on the Internet

  • World Book and Copyright Day on April 23:
    Ready - steady - read!

  • Warning against Misleading Requests for Payment (16/02/18)
    The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) warns against offers, requests for payment and invoices relating to IP applications and renewal of IP rights from private companies unrelated to the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

  • Chinese and German offices extend Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot (19/01/18)
    The DPMA and SIPO have extended the pilot programme’s duration by a further three years until 22 January 2021.

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