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Applying for a utility model in Germany

request form

Request for the registration of a utility model

You must use request form pdf- Datei G 6003 issued by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office for filing your application. Together with the request, you must furnish a technical description of the invention. Furthermore you must submit claims. You can - but need not - enclose drawings showing details of your invention.

For more detailed information please read the brochure pdf- Datei Information for Utility Model Applicants.

Clear and complete presentation of the invention

Please make sure that you present your invention in a sufficiently clear and complete manner. Only the matter contained in the application documents on the date of filing may be redrafted in the course of the registration procedure. It is not admissible to subsequently add technical features relevant to the invention. An extension will result in the rejection of the application or may be the reason for the cancellation of the utility model at a later date.

For this reason an application must be complete even if it is filed at first by fax.

Where can you file a utility model application?

Please forward the application to the You can also hand in your application in person at the DPMA offices in Munich, Jena and Berlin. Some patent information centres (Patentinformationszentren) accept utility model applications and transmit them to the DPMA.


You can file a utility model application online at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Online filing requires an enhanced signature card and the corresponding card reader. For suppliers of signature cards please go to Bundesnetzagentur.

You need the DPMAdirekt application software for drawing up and validating the application documents. Click here to download the free DPMAdirekt software.

You can also use this system to file European patent applications (transmittal to the EPO) or international patent applications (transmittal to WIPO) at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Innovaccess - your gateway to industrial property rights in Europe

It is not possible to file a European or international utility model application. You must apply for protection of your invention direct at the respective IP office concerned. The Innovaccess website will help you to find out if and how utility model protection is available in the individual Member States of the European Union.

Claiming priority in other countries

If you wish to file the same invention in another country, you can claim the priority of your German application provided that you file the application at the respective IP office within 12 months from the German utility model application.

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