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Schriftzug Traumsand mit Sandmännchen im Mond

60 years of evening greetings
Why Sandmännchen (Sandmen) don't retire

Wenn es die DDR noch gäbe, wäre der 22. November 2019 für das Sandmännchen ein Freudentag: Genauer gesagt wäre es der Tag, dem Millionen DDR-Bürger ihr halbes Leben lang entgegengefiebert haben. Denn mit dem 60. Geburtstag konnten sie endlich in Rente gehen und in den Westen reisen.


Asterix and Obelix

Asterix wird 60
World literature with wild boars

By Toutatis! A real European cultural asset celebrates its 60th birthday, and the whole of Gaul is celebrating. The whole of Gaul? Yes, indeed! With special coins, stamps, exhibitions and everything that it involves. On 29 October 1959, Asterix the Gaul had his very first appearance in the pilot edition of the French youth magazine “Pilote”.

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Papierakte "Perkeo"

Eternal life is possible
Germany's number 1 brand "Perkeo" celebrates its 125th birthday

It took just 16 days from the filing of the application to the registration of the German trademark number 1 "Perkeo": on October 1, 1894, the "Law for the Protection of the Description of Goods" or "Warenbezeichnungsgesetz" for short came into force, which for the first time also protected word marks and equipment.

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Detail from patent doc

Technology in football
The screw stud shoe: Who invented it?

To this day, a football legend persists: Adi Dassler, so the tale goes, made a decisive contribution to the "Miracle of Bern" with the screw-in studs he invented. But Dassler did not invent the screw-in studs at all. 70 years ago, on 30 August 1949, Alexander Salot applied for a patent for "replaceable anti-skid studs".

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Withehead´s No 21

Wright or wrong?
The Whitehead mystery of the world's first flight

Perhaps the world's first powered flight took place on August 14, 1901 in Bridgeport, Connecticut - or maybe not. Few questions in the history of technology are discussed as fiercely as the question of whether the Wright brothers were the first to fly a powered aircraft - or Gustave Whitehead more than two years earlier?

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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the moon

50 years lunar landing
The patents that brought the man to the moon

It was one of the greatest events in the history of mankind: 50 years ago the first astronaut walked the moon. A small step in that very moment for Neil Armstrong, but a giant leap for mankind.

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Farina Firmenschild von 1868

World's oldest perfume manufacturer
310 years of fighting imitators

One of the oldest German companies celebrates its anniversary: For 310 years the company "Johann Maria Farina gegenüber dem Jülichs-Platz GmbH" has been in existence in Cologne. And for almost as long the world's oldest perfume factory still in existence has been fighting against counterfeiters, imitators and product pirates.

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Drawing of Draisine

Beginning of the Bicycle Age
Karl Drais´ first ride with his “Laufmaschine” (hobby-horse)

The citizens of Mannheim were amazed at this June 12, 1817: someone rushed through their streets on a wooden frame with two wheels, completely without horses! It was Karl von Drais who introduced them to his running machine. It was the first steerable, muscle-powered two-wheeler and the forerunner of today's bicycle.

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Anniversary of the comic character
Donald Duck turns 85

At the age of 85 still choleric, mostly unlucky, chronically broke and single father of triplets: Donald Duck still doesn't have it easy. Probably the most famous comic figure on the planet (next to Mickey Mouse from the same house) celebrates his birthday.

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Strandkorbs on the beach

The Strandkorb
The career of a curious construct

The best of all inventions for a holiday by the sea or a clunky bourgeois accessory? The colourful monsters are an indispensable part of the German coastline, but on other shores you don't know them at all. 127 years ago, in June 1882, the first strandkorb was said to have been put up in Waremünde.

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Zhe Antikythera mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism
The "first computer" - an ancient miracle of technology

Spring 1900 in the Aegean Sea: Off the coast of the small Greek island Antikythera men dive for sponges. They reach into depths of 50 meters and more. One of them, Ilias Stadiatis, returns from his dive with the bronze arm of an ancient statue. He has found an ancient shipwreck on the seabed.

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Leonardo da Vinci died 500 years ago
Fearless researcher, visionary inventor

On 2 May 1519, a man of superlatives died at Clos Lucé Castle in Amboise, Leonardo da Vinci. He is not only regarded as one of the greatest painters in history, but also as an unrivalled all-round genius and universal scholar. Numerous new books and exhibitions celebrate the Renaissance Superman.

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Albert Einstein´s 140th anniversary
The best-known patent examiner of all time

A genius of the century, an icon of the natural sciences, the most famous physicist of all time: With Albert Einstein, you run out of superlatives. 140 years ago, on 14 March 1879, in Ulm was born the man who shaped our knowledge of the world as only Newton did before him.

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hands with paper handkerchiefs

Tempo 90
A brand and its birthday

A brand which has become a synonym in Germany and which, after 90 years, has a degree of recognition of practically 100 percent? Oskar Rosenfelder probably never dreamed of this when he filed the word mark "Tempo" (407752) with the Reich Patent Office in Berlin on 29 January 1929.

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Album titel

90 years "Tintin"
Comic of the 20th century: The clever boy with the iconic quiff

Billions of billious blue blistering barnacles! Can it really be true that Titin and Snowy are already 90 years old? That's how it is: On January 10, 1929, the magazine "Le Petit Vingtième" published the first episode of "Tintin", probably the most influential European comic strip.

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Joseph Mohr´s autograph

200 years of “Silent Night”
The song, its history and the trade marks

It is referred to as the “eternal song”, now it turns 200 years old: “Silent Night, Holy Night” (Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht), probably the most famous Christmas song in the world. The song is sung all over the world in the most diverse languages and dialects. It is assumed that there are up to 300 translations.

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Beatles CD-Cover

50 years White Album
The Beatles, their masterpiece and a famous trademark Dispute

50 years ago, on 22 November 1968, probably the most musically versatile album of all time was released: "The Beatles", better known as the "White Album". A milestone of music, but also of the economic history of popular culture, because this was the seed of a dispute over trademarks and copyrights that lasted for decades.

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Oktoberfest 2018

100 Years “Freistaat”
Palaces, schnapps & taxes: Bavaria's trade marks

These were turbulent times at the beginning of November 1918: the First World War was lost, uprisings and revolutions flared up, in Bavaria the Free State was proclaimed. For the 100th anniversary, we would like to take a look at the trade mmarks of the Free State of Bavaria registered with the DPMA.

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Horch 670 Sport Cabriolet

150th birthday of August Horch
The godfather of fast cars

His name puts a smile on the faces of classic car enthusiasts: August Horch, one of the great pioneers of automotive engineering, would have celebrated his 150th birthday this year.

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Volvo advertisement

60 years three-point belt
The life-saver that was only slowly accepted

This invention has saved the lives of countless people: On August 29, 1958, a patent application was filed in Sweden for the three-point belt. Nils Ivar Bohlin, engineer at the car manufacturer Volvo, thus brought the safety belt for vehicles, which had been known for over 50 years, into its current form.

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Frawing from patent document

250 years patent for James Watt
The steam of a world in change

No, James Watt didn't invent the steam engine. But he turned it into a machine that actually changed the world. 250 years ago, on 5 January 1769, the Scotsman received a patent on his "New invented method of lessening the consumption of steam and fuel in fire engines".

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90 years Mickey Mouse
Of mice and money

The world's best-known comic figure, Mickey Mouse, made her first appearance 90 years ago. Although the premiere of the film "Steamboat Willie" on November 18, 1928 is often assumed to be the date of birth of the mouse, it actually had its screen debut on May 15 of the same year in the cartoon "Plane Crazy".

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Foto of Enigma

100 years of Enigma
Cryptography and war

Enigma: This is the exciting story of an ingenious machine for encrypting messages and the brilliant minds who cracked it - and thus crucially influenced the course of the Second World War, which ended 73 years ago.

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Jimi Hendrix photo

Jimi Hendrix´ 75th birthday
The wild god of guitar: virtuoso, innovator, brand

On November 27th he would have turned 75 years old: Jimi Hendrix, probably the most influential guitarist of all time. No one played the electric guitar as innovative and revolutionary as he did.

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