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Trade Mark Law Modernisation Act (Markenrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz), 14 January 2019:
This page is currently being revised and adapted to the changes of the Trade Mark Law Modernisation Act. The German trade mark pages have already been revised.

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You can decide which filing route you take

Upon registration of your trade mark in the Register of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), you obtain the exclusive right to use the trade mark for the protected goods and services. Then you can seek injunctive relief or claim damages from infringers of your trade mark right.

Three ways to apply for a trade mark

Filing online - the fast way with DPMAdirektWeb
go to online filing without requiring a signature with shopping cart function for goods and services: (available in German only):
In seven steps we guide you through the web application allowing you to apply for your trade mark in a fast and low cost way, without investing much time and effort.

Electronic application with signature card
go to DPMAdirektPro:
If you choose this filing option, you need a signature card and a card reader.

Filing a paper-based application
with the documents for a national trade mark application:
Please note our pdf-Datei information on the preparation of lists of good/services (in German). Please send us your application by post.

Complying with formal requirements makes processing faster...

... and that way you will contribute to the speedy handling of your trade mark application. Our pdf-Datei information sheet (in German) will tell you how.

In addition, you can file a request for accelerated examination: then, your application will be given preferential treatment. If no objections are raised to the trade mark application, trade marks eligible for protection can be registered after a few working days, however, as a rule, within six months after filing the application at the latest.

You can request accelerated examination for online filing (without requiring a signature), electronic filing (requiring a signature) and paper-based filing by ticking the corresponding box in field 12 on the pdf-Datei request form W 7005 (in German). Please note that a fee of 200 euros must be paid for accelerated examination.

If you intend to register your application also internationally as international registration of a mark, the special request for accelerated examination might be of interest to you.

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