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DPMA Information Day for Founders with Migration and Refuge Background

According to studies, citizens with foreign roots often set up companies and increasingly contribute to technical innovation. In Munich, the DPMA now hosted an information day - and met guests with ambitious plans.

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Plagiarius 2019
It’s all just stolen – anti-award tackles blatant counterfeits

This year's "Plagiarius" awards were presented at the "Ambiente" consumer-goods fair in Frankfurt on 8 February. Aktion Plagiarius e.V. has been awarding the dreaded Plagiarius Prize to manufacturers and retailers of particularly brazen plagiarisms and counterfeits for the 43rd time since 1977.

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Braille writing

World Braille Day 2019
Six-point writing opened the door to education for blind people

January 4th is World Braille Day. The World Blind Union has initiated this annual commemoration day to once again emphasize the importance of Braille for visually handicapped people. The day commemorates the birthday of Louis Braille, who was born in 1809 in the French village of Coupvray near Paris.

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Preis für das Lebenswerk

DesignEuropa Awards 2018
DesignEuropa Award goes to Hartmut Esslinger

This year's DesignEuropa Awards were presented in Warsaw on 27 November 2018: On the occasion of the ceremony, the Vice-President of the DPMA, Christine Moosbauer, congratulated Hartmut Esslinger, one of the winners. The German-American industrial designer received the award for his life's work.

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Autonomous driving
Mobility of the future - made in Germany

Autonomous driving is one of the most important technological trends of recent years. The number of national patent applications (and PCT applications in the national phase) relating to autonomous driving has increased steadily since 2010 and has more than doubled since then.58 percent of patent applications for autonomous driving come from Germany.

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Reform of European trade mark law
New rules for national and EU trade marks

The European Commission contracted the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law (now the ) to carry out a study reviewing the harmonisation process of trade mark law in the European Union. Based on this study, the member states, the Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament prepared a new version of the Trade Marks Directive as well as of the Regulation on the Community trade mark (now called "European Union Trade Mark Regulation").

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Zutaten zur Deo-Herstellung

The great sweating
Refreshing inventions: Antiperspirants and deodorants

Not only in this hot summer 2018 we started to sweat a lot. For example, sporting activities are also sweaty matters with which a little desired body odour can be associated. Deodorants, or "antiperspirants and deodorants", have become an integral part of the repertoire of our personal care products. Perhaps less known: Even though the odour problems associated with sweating have been known for thousands of years, deodorant is still being developed and patented.

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International Beer Day
Serious drinking: Beer and IP

August 3rd is International Beer Day. One could take this as an occasion to drown a couple of pints (the initiators do not have much more in mind either) - or to take a serious look at the property rights around an ancient cultural asset that is constantly being further developed.

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Phases of eclipse

Total lunar eclipse on July 27
When the moon goes out

On July 27th we experience the longest total lunar eclipse of this century. And with about 1 ¾ hours, it is not only particularly long, but can also be seen very well in our latitudes: When the moon rises at 8.48 pm, the entry into the shadow of the earth has already begun. The eclipse does not take place in the middle of the night, but in the late evening and can therefore also be observed well by families.

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Stars of the EU-Flag

Indications of Geographical Origin
What Beelitzer Spargel has to do with Europe

"United in diversity" the motto of the European Union expresses how Europeans strive together for peace and prosperity, while at the same time the entire continent is being enriched by its many different cultures, traditions and languages. These include the excellent regional specialties among agricultural products and foodstuffs. Who does not know Nürnberger Lebkuchen (gingerbread), Spreewälder Gurken (cucumber), Französischer Champagner (champagne) or Prosciutto di Parma (ham)?

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Who will win the Audience Award?
Two Germans in the race for the European Inventor Award

On 7 June 2018, the European Patent Office (EPO) will award the European Inventors' Prize. While an international jury selects the winners in the five categories "Industry", "Research", "Non-EPO states", "Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)" and "Lifetime achievement", you decide on the audience award.

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International Day of Light
Nothing works without light

On 16 May we are celebrating "World Day of Light" for the first time. The action day proclaimed by UNESCO is to draw attention to the central role of light in science, culture, art, education, sustainable development, medicine, communication and energy.

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Picture of Jens Frahm

European Inventor Award
FLASH-like picture shots from the inside of the body - MRI pioneer Jens Frahm nominated

It is a key technology worldwide, the cornerstone of which was laid at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA): Under the number 3504734, Prof. Dr. Jens Frahm and other researchers filed the first patent application for a new "Method and device for recording spin resonance data" at the DPMA in 1985.

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Jabba the Hutt

Star Wars Day
Force and merchandising: IP Rights around "Star Wars”

Fans around the world celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4. Why on this date? Well, the pronunciation of the date "May the 4th" is very similar to the beginning of what is probably the most popular sentence in the space saga, "May the force be with you".

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Logo Welttag des geistigen Eigentums

World Intellectual Property Day 2018
Powering change: Women in innovation and creativity

This year's World Intellectual Property Day campaign celebrates the brilliance, ingenuity, curiosity and courage of the women who are driving change in our world and shaping our common future.

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Woman with book on the beachh

World Book and Copyright Day
Ready - steady - read!

World Book and Copyright Day celebrates and promotes the joy of books and reading. Every year on April 23rd, the magical power of the book is celebrated worldwide, linking past and future and building a bridge between generations and cultures.

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A row of colour-stained brushes

Looking for ideas
1st World Day of Creativity and Innovation

World Day of Creativity and Innovation is intended to encourage people to give free rein to their ideas in order to make the world a better place and improve their place in it. Founded in 2001 in Canada, April 21 has been celebrated in over 50 countries for years. But it has only been one of the "official" theme days worldwide since this year.

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Satellites and space debris in space

Erfinderaktivitäten (inventor activities): Help for space
Can space debris be captured?

Imagine you are driving in your car through a city on a busy road and every few yards, unexpectedly, a dustbin comes rolling onto your lane of traffic. You have to evade each dustbin immediately and avoid jeopardising another road user. Does this sound unrealistic to you? Well, this is just about what is happening in space nowadays.

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WHO capmaign picture

WHO World Health Day on 7 April
Health care for all

More than half of the world's population has no comprehensive access to essential health services and every year many households are driven into poverty because they have to pay for health care out of their own pockets, according to a joint report from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank.

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Colorfully painted Easter eggs

Easter 2018
Without breaking and frustration: relaxed painting of Easter eggs

In many places around the world people are now celebrating Easter. Whether with a Christian background or not: for many people, the Easter Bunny is a part of the holiday, for it brings sweets and eggs. And a colourfully decorated Easter bouquet is a must for many, too.

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Not only during the Easter season
Warning against Misleading Requests

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) regularly receives complaints about such letters via customer service. The DPMA positively points out that all these letters are not related to the Office. The Office does not send invoices or requests for payment at any time - neither for the application or renewal of industrial property rights nor for the publication of industrial property rights in the official registers.

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China as a power of innovation?
WIPO Chief Economist presents the latest trends

With its active innovation strategy, China is making the world sit up and take notice. The country also ranks high at the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) Global Innovation Index. With 22nd place, China for the first time made it into the top 30 of 127 economies.

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zwei schwarze Zwerge mit goldener Nase

Plagiarius 2018
Against stealing ideas, for more fairness and respect

The Plagiarius negative award, created by the designer Professor Rido Busse, was awarded for the 42nd time at the Frankfurt consumer goods fair "Ambiente" on February 9,2018.

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