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Logo UN World Water Day 2020

UN World Water Day 2020
Inventions in the fight against water shortage

According to the United Nations, climate change is inseparably linked to the issue of drinking water supply. It affects the water cycle, promotes extreme weather, impairs water quality and makes it difficult to estimate the availability of fresh water supplies.

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rot schraffiertes Herz

For Valentine's Day
Is there a patent medicine for love?

Valentine's Day on 14 February is commonly known as the day for lovers. Many show their affection for their better halves with chocolate, flowers and other small and large gifts. Speaking of love: What about love and trade marks?

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WRD 2020 Logo

World Radio Day
Diversity by radio / 120 years Marconi patent

On 13 February UNESCO celebrates World Radio Day. This year's radio day is themed "Diversity": "On this World Day, we celebrate the power of radio to reflect and promote diversity in all its forms", said UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay.

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"Plagiarius 2020"
Negative Award sheds public light on damage caused by counterfeits

The Plagiarius negative award, created by the designer Professor Rido Busse, was awarded for the 44nd time at the Frankfurt consumer goods fair "Ambiente" on February 7,2020.

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The DPMA wishes you

The DPMA wishes you
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020

Let's be honest: Have you already bought all presents and decorated your home for Christmas? If you are still looking for a suitable Christmas tree stand and tasteful Christmas music, here is an exciting combination for you from our DEPATISnet patent database.

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Not only during the Christmas season
Warning against Misleading Requests

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) regularly receives complaints about such letters via customer service. The DPMA positively points out that all these letters are not related to the Office. The Office does not send invoices or requests for payment at any time - neither for the application or renewal of industrial property rights nor for the publication of industrial property rights in the official registers.

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Nobel Prize ceremony 2018

Nobel Prize ceremony 2019
Prestigious patents

On 10 December, the Nobel Prizes for 2019 will be awarded in Stockholm. John B. Goodenough, who receives the chemistry award, is at the age of 97the oldest Nobel Laureate ever. Esther Duflo however - the only woman to receive a Nobel Prize for 2019 - is the youngest woman to receive the economics award.

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Conference photo

IoT Conference at the DPMA
The Internet of Things and the patent

The "Internet of things", or IoT for short, is currently one of the most important technology trends. It has become "a synonym for the connection between the real and the virtual world," said President Cornelia Rudloff-Schäffer at the opening of the conference "Internet of things. Paths to the Patent of IoT Technologies" at the DPMA.

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iENA 2019
From bicycle seat to filter technology

Once again this year, around 800 inventions are on display at the fair. A multifunctional tool for mathematics classes, a windscreen wiper cleaning device, a safety-optimised heating element for home aquariums – ideas from a great variety of fields.

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Munich beer Trade marks

It's tapped
Of monks and marks

Taking beer to Munich would be like carrying coals to Newcastle, owls to Athens or rolling cheese to Switzerland. In Bavaria, beer is generally regarded as a staple food and elixir of life. Munich has a long brewing tradition.

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Currywurst with sauce

The Spirit of Currywurst
70th anniversary of a popular dish with tangy sauce – or was it completely different after all?

It is said to have happened exactly 70 years ago: On 4 September 1949, Herta Heuwer’s snack stand on the corner of Kantstrasse/Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin was not very busy. So she experimented with different ingredients like tomato paste, curry powder and Worcestershire sauce.

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Logo "Grüner Knopf"

Mark assumes a guarantee
First certification mark registered

We used to know the “Grüner Punkt” (Green Dot), but now there is also the “Grüner Knopf” (Green Button). This is made possible by the Trade Mark Law Modernisation Act, which came into force at the beginning of the year, on 14 January. It created a new trade mark category, the “certification mark”. The “Grüner Knopf” is the first certification mark that was registered by the DPMA.

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Day of the open monument 2019
Information and Service Centre Berlin in Kreuzberg

On 8 September, the German Patent and Trade Mark Office - IDZ Berlin will participate in the Germany-wide Open Monument Day. The office building at the capital's location can look back on a long and varied history, although the definition of the term "long", especially in connection with buildings, is of course relative.

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International Beer Day
Serious drinking: Beer and IP

August 2nd is International Beer Day. One could take this as an occasion to drown a couple of pints (the initiators do not have much more in mind either) - or to take a serious look at the property rights around an ancient cultural asset that is constantly being further developed.

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Symbolbild Statistik - Weltkugel mit Zahlenkolonnen

Global Innovation Index 2019
Switzerland is the world’s most innovative country followed by Sweden, the U.S. and the Netherlands - Germany is in ninth place

According to the Global Innovation Index 2019 (GII 2019) presented in New Delhi on 24 July, Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world. This is followed by Sweden, the United States of America (USA), the Netherlands and Great Britain. As in the previous year, Germany is in ninth place and thus holds its own in the top group of the 129 countries surveyed.

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Zutaten zur Deo-Herstellung

The great sweating
Refreshing inventions: Antiperspirants and deodorants

Not only in this hot early summer 2019 we started to sweat a lot. For example, sporting activities are also sweaty matters with which a little desired body odour can be associated. Deodorants, or "antiperspirants and deodorants", have become an integral part of the repertoire of our personal care products. Perhaps less known: Even though the odour problems associated with sweating have been known for thousands of years, deodorant is still being developed and patented.

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Picture of Matthias Mann

European Inventor Award 2019
Hope for early diagnosis of serious diseases: DPMA President delighted about German proteomics researcher Matthias Mann

His groundbreaking inventions help predict and better diagnose serious diseases: The President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, Cornelia Rudloff-Schäffer, was very pleased about physicist and biochemist Matthias Mann being nominated for the European Inventor Award.

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Fraunhofer IIS exterior

Anniversary of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
70 years of research and practice

It is Europe's largest organisation for applied research - and one of the most active applicants at the DPMA: the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, which is now celebrating its 70th anniversary. In 2018 alone, the Society applied for 434 new patents at the DPMA. This puts it in 17th place in the ranking of the most important applicants.

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DPMA Information Day for Founders with Migration and Refuge Background

According to studies, citizens with foreign roots often set up companies and increasingly contribute to technical innovation. In Munich, the DPMA now hosted an information day - and met guests with ambitious plans.

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Autonomous driving
Mobility of the future - made in Germany

Autonomous driving is one of the most important technological trends of recent years. The number of national patent applications (and PCT applications in the national phase) relating to autonomous driving has increased steadily since 2010 and has more than doubled since then.58 percent of patent applications for autonomous driving come from Germany.

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Reform of European trade mark law
New rules for national and EU trade marks

The European Commission contracted the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law (now the ) to carry out a study reviewing the harmonisation process of trade mark law in the European Union. Based on this study, the member states, the Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament prepared a new version of the Trade Marks Directive as well as of the Regulation on the Community trade mark (now called "European Union Trade Mark Regulation").

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Satellites and space debris in space

Erfinderaktivitäten (inventor activities): Help for space
Can space debris be captured?

Imagine you are driving in your car through a city on a busy road and every few yards, unexpectedly, a dustbin comes rolling onto your lane of traffic. You have to evade each dustbin immediately and avoid jeopardising another road user. Does this sound unrealistic to you? Well, this is just about what is happening in space nowadays.

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Not only during the Easter season
Warning against Misleading Requests

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) regularly receives complaints about such letters via customer service. The DPMA positively points out that all these letters are not related to the Office. The Office does not send invoices or requests for payment at any time - neither for the application or renewal of industrial property rights nor for the publication of industrial property rights in the official registers.

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