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Simple and comfortable: online filing of design applicationsn

The best way to file your design application is online via DPMAdirektWeb (for applications containing up to ten designs) or using the DPMAdirektPro software (with signature card). If you file an electronic application, you will be prompted to fill in clear on-screen forms for submitting the data required. The program checks whether your data are complete and plausible. Furthermore, electronic filing costs less than paper-based filing.

Conventional paper-based filing

Of course, you can still submit your design application on paper. For this purpose, you must use the pdf-Datei form R 5703 (in German) issued by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. For a multiple application you can include up to 100 designs in one application. If you file a multiple application, you must also submit the pdf-Datei attachment sheet R5703.2 (in German).

Please note: Design applications cannot be filed by fax.

What must be contained in a design application?

The most important links concerning the design application

For your design application you need:

  • a request for registration containing concrete data of the applicant
  • a representation (illustration) of the design that is suitable for publication
  • an indication of products (a term from the list of goods (design)

Important: If you have neither a residence nor a principal place of business nor an establishment in Germany, you must appoint a patent attorney or lawyer entitled and authorised to represent you. This also applies if you are a German national but have your residence or principal place of business outside Germany.
Detailed information is available here.

Our Customer Care and Services will be happy to answer any question you may have about design applications.

How much does a design application cost?

The minimum fee is 60 euros for electronic filing (or 70 euros for paper-based filing).

Getting to a registered design faster

We can process your application faster if you

  • pay the fees using the SEPA direct debit scheme or transfer the fees promptly and
  • prepare the indication of products using the Locarno-Search (German entries only). There you will quickly find all accepted terms of goods.

If your application meets all requirements for registration, your design will usually be registered within two to four weeks from the receipt of the fee. If one or more of the requirements are not met or if there are any open questions on the application, processing may take longer; in that case you should expect a processing time of seven to eight months from the fee payment.

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Last updated: 14/12/18 


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