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4.1 billion euros in total damage caused to the mechanical and plant engineering industry by illegal replicas, copies or other plagiarism infringements

The total damage caused to the German mechanical and plant engineering industry by product and brand piracy amounts to 4.1 billion euros per year, compared to 6.4 billion euros two years ago. Every two years, the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) examines the effects of product piracy and counterfeiting, with a positive trend emerging. Two years ago, 72 percent of respondents reported being affected by illegal replicas, copies or other counterfeits, whereas now the figure is 46 percent. According to the externer Link VDMA Study 2024, this decline is due to the increased efforts and activities of companies against product and brand piracy.

Despite this positive trend, almost every second company still suffers from product piracy. It therefore remains important for manufacturers and authors to take preventative measures and enforce their rights. Our new brochure “Enforcing intellectual property rights - counterfeiting, pirated copies, betrayed trade secrets: How to take action against it”. Read more in our press release.

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Number of the month April 2024
Number of published patent applications for solar technology, wind power and co. increased by 18.6 per cent in 2023

After years of stagnation, innovation activity in the field of renewable energies has increased significantly again. Last year, 1,289 patent applications for solar technology, wind power and other renewable energy technologies with an impact on Germany were published - 18.6 per cent more than in the previous year. Solar technology made a particularly significant leap with an increase in applications of 32.7 per cent. The technology area had 597 applications, overtaking wind power (540, +2.3 per cent).

Press release of April 26, 2024

Number of the month March 2024
40 percent more published patent applications in the field of AI since 2019

Innovation activity in the field of artificial intelligence has continued to gain momentum. In technology classes with a strong connection to AI, 40 percent more patent applications with an impact on Germany were published last year than five years ago. The growth was particularly strong in the core areas of AI, which include digital computing systems with special processing units, computing systems based on special computing models such as neural networks and associated learning methods. The number of applications here has more than tripled since 2019.

Press release of March 18, 2024

35 Percent

Number of the month February 2024
Women make up around 35 percent of STEM students

The statistics speak for themselves: women are still underrepresented in the natural sciences. In 2022, for example, only around 35% of first-year STEM students were women (source: ). This also has an impact on the proportion of women in patent examination at the DPMA: With 226 female patent examiners (out of a total of 1,076 people in this area), the proportion of women is still relatively low.

To make the natural sciences more female, the "International Day of Women and Girls in Science" takes place every year on February 11.

Website of the German Unesco Commission

1.300 and symbol for metaverse

Number of the month January 2024
Number of registered designs in the lighting sector

In January, our "World of Design" series is all about light. We show "lamps, floor lamps, table lamps..." in a wide variety of colors and shapes. You can find out how many designs are in force in this product segment in our DPMAregister database. You will get almost 15,000 hits if you search for registered designs in subclass 26-05 of the Locarno classification.


1.300 and symbol for metaverse

Number of the month December 2023
Trade mark applications for virtual goods in the register

Trademarks in the metaverse are no longer a fantasy of the future, they can already be found in the trademark register. The German register contains 74 national applications and registrations with the term "NFT" in their list of goods and 1,271 applications and registrations with the term "blockchain" (as of December 14, 2023). In total, there are over 1,300 national trade marks for virtual goods in DPMAregister.

Press release of December 15, 2023

151,5 hours

Number of the month November 2023
151.5 hours

Almost six and a half days or 151.5 hours were spent on our DPMA YouTube channel in November. That was 41.5 hours more than usual. One reason for this is certainly the new videos about trade mark applications, please take a look. Not following us on YouTube yet? Then we would be delighted if you would leave us a subscription.

DPMA YouTube channel

+7.4 percent

Number of the month October 2023
Issues of BlPMZ from 1894 to October 2023

For 125 years, the Blatt für Patent-, Muster- und Zeichenwesen (BlPMZ) has been providing information on laws, ordinances, official notices, news, court decisions and notices on representation in the field of industrial property protection. The first BlPMZ saw the light of day in October 1894. Since then, 1,380 issues of the journal have been published: Usually eleven issues a year; for 125 years there has been a double issue in July/August.

"125 Years of BlPMZ" (in German)

+7.4 percent

Number of the month September 2023
Patent applications in Jena far above average

Our Jena office celebrated a special anniversary this month - the German Patent and Trademark Office has been represented in the city on the Saale for 25 years. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the innovation scene. The published patent applications for the German market are far above average in Jena: per 100,000 inhabitants and summarized for the years 2020 to 2022, they are 682 in Jena; Germany-wide, 155. More than half of Thuringia's patent applications come from the city of light - exactly 52.6 percent.

Press release of August 29, 2023

+7.4 percent

Number of the month August 2023
At least one in eight patent applications in Germany has foreign roots

At least one in eight patent applications from Germany is entirely attributable to inventors with foreign roots. This contribution has increased significantly over the years. According to a study by the IW Cologne, Germany's innovative strength would otherwise have actually declined in recent years.

interview with Dr Oliver Koppel from IW Cologne in our digital annual report 2022

Pictures: DPMA

Last updated: 29 May 2024