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The Champions League Final Tournament: The technology behind the ball

Football is also rolling differently in this pandemic year. The most important European series, the Champions League and Europa League, which were interrupted in March because of Covid-19, are now being played to an end in the form of mini tournaments. The teams remaining in the competition will meet for final tournaments in Lisbon (CL) and Cologne/Dusseldorf (EL) respectively.

Between 5 and 30 August 2020, all outstanding matches, including those in the Youth and Women's Champions League, will be played within three weeks; without an audience, of course - in these times.

We take this as an opportunity to once again draw attention to our website "Football and Technology". Here the football fan will find all the developments and inventions that have accompanied the beautiful game from the very beginning and have taken it further - from the first ball bubble to the screw-in studs, from the early whistle to the VAR (in German only).


Last updated: 25 November 2020 


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