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Fees for trade mark rights

Trade Mark Law Modernisation Act (Markenrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz), 14 January 2019:
This page is currently being revised and adapted to the changes of the Trade Mark Law Modernisation Act. The German trade mark pages have already been revised.

Overview of trade mark fees
Type of fees  Amount 
Application fee (including class fee for up to three classes)   300 euros 
Application fee for electronic filing (including class fee for up to three classes)   290 euros 
Class fee upon filing application (for the fourth class and for each additional class)   100 euros 
Accelerated examination of the application   200 euros 
Renewal fee (including class fee for up to three classes)   750 euros 
Class fee upon renewal (for the fourth class and for each additional class)   260 euros 
Opposition fee   120 euros 
Cancellation fee on the grounds of invalidity due to absolute grounds for refusal   300 euros 
Cancellation fee on the grounds of revocation   100 euros
The application fee includes the fee for three classes of goods or services. A class fee must be paid for each additional class.
The application fee and any class fees are request fees, which will be forfeited upon filing the request and payment (irrespective of the outcome of the trade mark registration procedure). This means that the request fees will not be refunded, for example, in case of withdrawal of the trade mark application.
Fees are only refunded in case of payment without legal ground. Please note that a refund fee of ten euros will be retained in that case. 

Payment periods and notices

  • After filing your trade mark application you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt with your file number. The DPMA does not send out any invoices or fee notifications.
  • The amount of the fees is communicated to you together with the acknowledgement of receipt. Please note that the payment period starts to run as from the date of filing of the application, that means irrespective of when you receive the acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Please make sure that your application fee and any additional class fees, if appropriate, have been credited to the account of the DPMA within three months after receipt of the application. Otherwise your application is deemed to be withdrawn by operation of law.
  • If the applicant fails to pay the class fees or does not pay the full class fees within the three-month period, the application is deemed to be withdrawn for some of the goods or services.
  • If accelerated examination is requested under Section 38 of the Trade Mark Act (Markengesetz), the fee must also be paid within three months after filing the request. If this fee is not paid or not paid on time, the request for accelerated examination is deemed to be withdrawn. The application will then be processed under the normal procedure.
  • The trade mark is initially protected for ten years. At the beginning of the eleventh year you have to pay the renewal fees to extend the term of protection to a further ten years; you will not receive an invitation to pay the fees.
  • The renewal fee is due on the last day of the month in which the term of protection ends. Then, you have two months to pay the renewal fee without surcharge and a further four months to pay the fee with a surcharge of 50 euros.

When is the renewal fee due? - An example:

The filing date of your trade mark is 15 June 2017. The first renewal fee is due on 30 June 2027. If you have not paid the renewal fee by 31 August 2027, a surcharge for late payment of 50 euros will be due. Then you will still have time until 31 December 2027 to pay the renewal fee AND the surcharge. If you fail to pay within that last time limit or fail to pay in full, your trade mark will lapse.

  • The day of payment is crucial for the observance of the term of payment. The day of payment depends on the mode of payment.
  • Advance payment of the renewal fee may be made one year before expiry of the respective term of protection at the earliest.

International trade mark applications

For an international trade mark application the applicant has to pay the international fees to WIPO and the national fees to the DPMA.

National fees to the DPMA
for international registration (WIPO form MM2)
Fee number 334 100  
180 euros 
for designation subsequent to the international registration (WIPO form MM4)
Fee number 334 300 
120 euros 
Important: These fees must be paid within one month after filing the request for international registration (or subsequent designations) to the DPMA. 

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