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Overview of current issues

July 2020

  • Classifications (02/07/2020)
    Next Version of IPC Enters into Force on January 1, 2021

June 2020

  • Milestones (30/06/2020)
    135 years rabies vaccination: Pasteur's heirs and the search for the redeeming vaccine
  • Corona Update (29/06/2020)
    Information on the partial reopening of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office for public access
  • Press release (23/06/2020)
    Federal Administrative Court clarifies central issue of supervision of collecting societies and thus strengthens competences of the DPMA
  • On occasion of the MSME Day of the United Nations on 27 June 2020 (12/06/2020)
    Sustainable corporate growth through IP rights
  • Milestones (08/06/2020)
    Bernhard Dräger´s 150th birthday - The reinvention of breathing
  • Number of the month June (03/06/2020)
    76,919 effective utility models in Germany

May 2020

  • Notice No. 1/20 (29/05/2020)
    of the President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office concerning the Guidelines for the Search under section 43 of the Patent Act (Search Guidelines)
  • Background (28/05/2020)
    World Bicycle Day: Drais´ invention - the best way of mobility?
  • Background (19/05/2020)
    The Bollerwagen: Much-loved beer wagon
  • Press release (19/05/2020)
    E-mobility and autonomous driving: Innovations have risen rapidly
  • Milestones (12/05/2020)
    60 years of laser: Shine a light
  • Number of the month May (08/05/2020)
    1 475 registrations for agricultural products and foodstuffs
  • Milestones (08/05/2020)
    85 years parking meter: The patented penny grave"
  • Milestones (04/05/2020)
    75 years after WWII: Enigma - cryptography and war

April 2020

  • Press Release (29/04/2020)
    "Efficient, fast and low-cost": law amendments strengthen rights of trade mark proprietors
  • Background (28/04/2020)
    Star Wars Day: Use the force - Intellectual Property Rights around "Star Wars”
  • Press Release (24/04/2020)
    To celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, the German Patent and Trade Mark Office looks at renewable energy – DPMA president: key technologies for the future of our economy and society
  • Events (22/04/2020)
    World IP Day 2020 - Innovate for a green future
  • Milestones (22/04/2020)
    90 years "Knirps": Great little umbrella
  • Background (17/04/2020)
    Looking for ideas! World day of Creativity and Innovation
  • Background (08/04/2020)
    WIPO report 2019: China leading in international patent applications
  • Milestones (07/04/2020)
    Break-up 50 years ago: Beatles, Brands & Apples
  • Background (07/04/2020)
    Easter time and Corona: DPMA warns against misleading requests for payment
  • Number of the month April (06/04/2020)
    2 367 trade mark applications in the class 30
  • Background (03/04/2020)
    Easter patents: How does the Easter Bunny lay his eggs?n
  • Common Communications from EUIPO and national offices published (01/04/2020)
    "Common practice for assessing disclosure of designs on the Internet" and "Harmonisation of the practice regarding the distinctiveness of three-dimensional marks containing other elements"

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