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Overview of current issues

December 2018

  • Ingenious women (04/12/2018)
    Nobel Prize Award 2018: Three women awarded - Prizes for Physics and Chemistry for female Researchers

  • Ingenious women (03/12/2018)
    Against all odds: Ada Lovelace and the overture of the age of computer

November 2018

  • Background (27/11/2018)
    DesignEuropa Award goes to Hartmut Esslinger: DPMA Vice President Christine Moosbauer congratulates the internationally renowned designer on winning the "Lifetime Achivement Award"
  • Milestones (22/11/2018)
    50 years White Album: The Beatles, their masterpiece and a famous trademark dispute
  • Milestones (22/11/2018)
    50 years of Kevlar: The bulletproof fibre from the chemistry laboratory
  • Background (16/11/2018)
    AI and intellectual property rights: Conference and dossier
  • Notice of the President of the DPMA 5/2018 (12/11/2018)
    Publication of the Patent Gazette (Patentblatt), the Trade Mark Journal (Markenblatt) and the Design Gazette (Designblatt) on the official Internet platform DPMAregister in 2019
  • Notice of the President of the DPMA 4/2018 (08/11/2018)
    Opening hours of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office from 22 December 2018 to 1 January 2019
  • Milestones (07/11/2018)
    Lise Meitner: The bypassed pioneer
  • Milestones (07/11/2018)
    60 years expansion dowel: The masterpiece of the mass inventor
  • Guests at DPMA (01/11/2018)
    Info Day for the start-up scene: IP information for people with migrant and refugee backgrounds

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