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EU public consultation on design law

The European Commission intends to review existing European legislation on design protection by conducting an online survey. The public consultation "Evaluation of EU legislation on design protection" runs until 31 March 2019 and is aimed primarily at companies, designers, public authorities and associations, but also at the general public.

The existing legal provisions of the European Union in the field of design protection date back to 1998 (Design Directive 98/71/EC) and 2002 (Regulation on Community Designs No. 6/2002). The consultation is now intended to gather facts and opinions from stakeholders on the extent to which this legislation functions as intended and is still considered useful. On this basis, the Commission hopes to draw conclusions for improving, modernising and further harmonising the above legislation.

Given the growing economic importance of design protection in encouraging innovation and the development of new products with attractive designs, there is a growing need for accessible, modern, effective and consistent legal protection for designs or registered designs in the EU.

Here you can take part in the online consultation:

Overview of current issues

February 2019

  • Milestones (18/02/2019)
    140 years of stapler: The rise and demise of an indispensable office helper
  • Backround (08/02/2019)
    It's all just stolen – anti-award "Plagiarius 2019" tackles blatant counterfeits
  • Milestones (06/02/2019)
    World Radio Day: 70 years of VHF broadcasting in Europe

January 2019

  • Milestones (24/01/2019)
    Tempo 90: A brand and its birthday

  • Milestones (18/01/2019)
    135 years Nipkow disc: A poor student becomes a pioneer of television

  • Events (17/01/2019)
    Round Table "Smart IP – Applying intelligence to patenting, licensing and enforcing IP on new Technology" at DPMA on February 22

  • Notice of the President No. 1/19 (17/01/2019)
    Information concerning the opening hours of the Munich office of the DPMA on 5 March 2019 (Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras)

  • Milestones (07/01/2019)
    90 years "Tintin". Comic of the 20th century: The clever boy with the iconic quiff

  • Background (07/01/2019)
    World Braille Day 2019: Six-point writing opened the door to education for blind People

  • Milestones (04/01/2019)
    250 years patent for James Watt: The steam of a world in change

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