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Overview of current issues

March 2020

  • On the death of Albert Uderzo (20/03/2020)
    The "Asterix" father: World literature with wild boars
  • Milestones (20/03/2020)
    175th birthday of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen: The Ray Man
  • Notice (16/03/2020)
    Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the information centres and research rooms of the DPMA will remain closed until further notice.
  • Background (13/03/2020)
    UN World Water Day: Inventions in the fight against water shortage
  • DPMA warns against current fraudulent invoice (13/03/2020)
    Please note: The DPMA does not send invoices or payment requests for application and annual/renewal fees.
  • Notice (12/03/2020)
    in view of the spread of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 and its impact
  • International Women´s Day (06/03/2020)
    Apollo´s women: The heroines behind the moon landing
  • Number of the month (06/03/2020)
    1,319 female staff at the DPMA
  • Milestones (05/03/2020)
    Post-it anniversary: Career of the sticky notes (with a slow start)
  • Events (03/03/2020)
    The German Patent and Trade Mark Office regrets that it has to cancel the DPMAnutzerforum meeting in Munich, scheduled for 24 March 2020, due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

February 2020

  • Press release (28/02/2020)
    German Patent and Trade Mark Office more productive than ever before: Federal office completes more than 40,000 patent procedures
  • Milestones (28/02/2020)
    Wooden infernal machine: "Natter", the first manned rocket, started 75 years ago
  • Services (19/02/2020)
    IP rights briefly explained
  • Background (13/02/2020)
    On Valentine’s Day: Is there a patent medicine for love?
  • Background (11/02/2020)
    World Radio Day: Diversity by radio / 120 years Marconi patent
  • When the pictures started moving (07/02/2020)
    125 years ago: Patent für the brother Lumière´s Cinematograph
  • Background (07/02/2020)
    Negative Award "Plagiarius" sheds public light on damage caused by counterfeits
  • Number of the month (03/02/2020)
    14 877 design applications in the goods class "furniture"

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