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Overview of current issues

International registrations of marks: Contact with WIPO will only be possible by electronic means

From 1 February 2023, contact with the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva will have to take place electronically. This concerns communications both to and from WIPO. As a result, applicants for and holders of international registrations of marks and their representatives must have provided their e-mail addresses to WIPO. If they have not yet done so, they should provide an e-mail address to WIPO as soon as possible - to
Further information is available in externer Link WIPO Madrid Information Notice No. 19 of 11 May 2022 concerning amendments to the Administrative Instructions.

March 2023

  • Background (20.03.2023)
    World Water Day 2023: Clean drinking water for all!
  • Guests at DPMA (17.03.2023)
    Before state visit of Federal Chancellor: DPMA welcomes Japanese industry representatives
  • Press release (09.03.2023)
    DPMA annual figures for 2022: Patent grants at a record level again
  • Ingenious women (02.03.2023)
    70 years ago: Thriller around the discovery of the DNA structure - Rosalind Franklin cheated out of world fame?

February 2023

  • Number of the month (27.02.2023)
    We say "thank you" to more than 5,500 followers on LinkedIn
  • Background (22.02.2023)
    65 years "Peace" sign: A symbol of hope for a better world
  • Ingenious women (17.02.2023)
    Engineering pioneer Henrietta Vansittart: In the name of the father
  • Background (10.02.2023)
    Valentine’s Day: Is there a patent medicine for love?
  • Milestones (06.02.2023)
    A picture that changed the world: Remembering Conrad Wilhelm Röntgen, who died 100 years ago
  • Plagiarius 2023 (03.02.2023)
    Massive threat to business, industry and private households

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