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This year’s World Intellectual Property Day is dedicated to women: Event though almost half of the world’s population are female, women file significantly fewer patent applications than men, for instance. This needs to be changed, as women’s ingenuity and point of view shape the world. On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, the DPMA, together with its cooperation partners, the patent information centres, presents women inventors, designers and trade mark proprietors from all over Germany. The good news is there are many of them and the ideas they have implemented are quite different. Get inspired and join our tour of Germany to discover exciting stories about women in IP. Be inspired and come along on an exciting trip to Germany with the "Women in IP".

Patent Information Center and Standards Infopoint in Magdeburg: Women in IP from Saxony-Anhalt

women power at PIZ Magdeburg

At externer Link Patent Information Center and Standards Infopoint in Magdeburg, real women power is the order of the day. Five female employees support you in all questions concerning industrial property rights, standards and guidelines. Briefings on various search databases, information on IP applications and detailed consultations are part of the daily business. Joint searches for company and product names as well as corresponding logos and designs or commissioned searches for technical inventions with detailed search reports and information on available norms and standards are part of the service.

As part of the university library, users can also access a comprehensive treasure trove of further literature and conduct research directly on site at the research workstations with expert support. Whether members of the university, employees of a small or medium-sized company or individual inventors, everyone with a spirit of discovery, creativity or systematic developer know-how is welcome at the PIZ Magdeburg.

Gin and spreads from the Magdeburger Börde - produced regionally and sustainably in our own manufactory

Isabel Heidemann founded "Gonzo's" in August 2021 in Druxberge, Magdeburger Börde. "Gonzo's" stands for sustainable and regional products. In addition to the delicious spreads and gin, "Gonzo's" also offers a gastronomic range for markets, events and private parties. The concept is called "Stu & Ulle" - grilled sandwiches with seasonal ingredients from regional producers.

Graduate Ecotrophologist
Isabel Heidemann

As the founder of "Gonzo's", it is a special concern of mine to win regional producers for my products and to know the supply chain from the traders to the producer. Often vegan spreads are highly industrially processed and usually contain additives and stabilizers. It is important to me that my spreads are free of additives and still have a good shelf life. The crucial thing for me is the high quality of my products, both in processing and in taste.

more information on the website Gonzo’s Store

Property rights

A colleague from the Patent Information Center assisted Isabel Heidemann in researching the company name and, together with her, determined the classes of goods and services. The application was then filed by a cooperating patent law firm.

  • Trademark EM 018675238 "Gonzo's"

Bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and psychiatry

Laila Gbaoui, a medical engineer at Otto von Guericke University, is conducting research on the analysis and characterization of psychiatric disorders and mental stress. She is developing a new non-invasive diagnostic procedure for depression. Colleagues from the "Medical Systems" working group headed by Professor Christoph Hoeschen are also involved in this project in cooperation with the medical team of Professor Thomas Frodl, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Otto von Guericke University and Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics at RWTH Aachen University Hospital.

Currently, psychiatry lacks proper quantitative biomarkers that allow clear diagnosis for psychiatric disorders. In contrast to the conventional interview-based diagnostic procedure, the new method is based on the identification and quantification of huge data sets of chemical particles in exhaled air. Furthermore, the current diagnostic procedure is inexpensive and particularly easy to use in children and elderly and multimorbid patients. In recent years, the analysis of chemical particles in exhaled air has proven to be a promising method for the identification of biomarkers for the diagnosis and monitoring of various metabolic diseases, cancer, asthma and so on.

Graduate engineer and graduate mathematician
Laila Gbaoui

The distinctive feature of this research area is the bridging between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and psychiatry, which holds out the prospect of new horizons for computational (digitized) psychiatry. The analysis of chemical Big Data with the various algorithms of AI could help extract new quantitative biomarkers for the early detection, diagnosis, treatment, progression, and prevention of recurrent psychiatric episodes. In this way, treatments could be determined, optimized, and thus personalized by AI. And this is especially true against the background that more than 350 million people worldwide are affected by mental illnesses and the prevalence is increasing in Germany and worldwide.

more informations: Gbaoui L, Hoeschen C., Fachet M., Lüno M, Meyer-Lotz G, Frodl T., Breathomics profiling of metabolic patways affected by major depression: possibilities and limitations. Frontiers in Psychiatry 2022, 13:1061326

Pending intellectual property rights

  • EP 3988934 A1, 2022/17 - Frodl T., Gbaoui L., Hoeschen C., Lüno M., Meyer-Lotz G., Biomarker in exhaled breath for Diagnosing Major Depressive Disorder

"Hearing Compass" - two hearing acoustics masters with heart and soul

Hearing loss usually begins insidiously and is accompanied by a great loss of quality of life and can even lead to complete isolation. The bad experiences of other hearing impaired people and their own fear often prevent them from going to a hearing care professional. Sandy Reß and Nora Beiermann ensure that those affected are once again aware of their surroundings. The two managing directors have a combined 30 years of professional experience.

Master hearing care professionals
Nora Beiermann und Sandy Reß

For us it is not only a profession, but our vocation. According to the motto "Hearing makes you beautiful", we give people back their quality of life. Because those who can hear take an active part in life again and can enjoy it to the fullest. With great sensitivity and empathy, we determine each individual hearing need and incorporate this into the hearing aid fitting.

more information on the website hö

Property Rights

Nora Beiermann and Sandy Reß also sought support from the PIZ Magdeburg in researching trademarks and preparing their trademark application.

  • registered trademark DE302021107831 "Hörkompass" (hearing compass)

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