Brands with history

Joseph Mohr´s autograph

205 years "Silent Night, Holy Night"
The song, its history and the trade marks

It is referred to as the “eternal song”: “Silent Night, Holy Night” (Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht), probably the most famous Christmas song in the world. The song is sung all over the world in the most diverse languages and dialects. It is assumed that there are up to 300 translations.

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Loriot - 100th birthday
Oh my

"Dear God, have fun!" read an obituary for Vicco von Bülow, who died on August 22, 2011. So on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the undoubtedly great comedian, author, actor, cartoonist and human being, we ask ourselves: Is there an afterlife and if so, who has fun with whom?

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150th anniversary of the death of Justus von Liebig
A chemist feeds the world

He was one of the most famous and influential natural scientists of the 19th century: Justus Liebig. His name is still known thanks to his meat extract. But what is far more significant is that he practically single-handedly invented agrochemistry, which multiplied agricultural yields and simplified the world's food supply.

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Brand no.36433: Aspirin

Registered more than 120 years ago
Probably the best known brand in medicine

The brand name, which was entered in the trademark register of the Kaiserliches Patentamt (Imperial Patent Office) in Berlin on 6 March 1899, has long since become an international generic term. Acetylsalicylic acid is effective against fever, pain and inflammation and is probably the best-selling medicine in history.

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Ludwig II of Bavaria
The fairytale king of trade marks

King Ludwig II wanted to remain an "eternal enigma" - and he succeeded. His secrets and above all his castles, which today are among Bavaria's biggest tourist attractions, make the "Kini" immortal. That is why his name is part of many trade marks.

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Coco Chanel
The designer of the century

On January 10, 1971, the world's most influential fashion designer died in Paris: Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. Her life story is as exciting as her professional success is breathtaking. In the "Time" magazine list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century, she is the only designer represented.

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„Sendung mit der Maus“
Googly-eyed inspirer

Possibly no one in this country has done as much for research and science as the Maus. She has awakened curiosity in whole generations to find out what lies behind things. For half a century, the programme has stirred up a thirst for knowledge in children.

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Emperor of trade marks

Napoleon is one of the most famous figures in world history. No wonder that his name, which really is familiar to each and everyone, is used for numerous trade marks. With 174 registrations, "Napoleon" in DPMAregister clearly beats even his role model "Caesar", who "only" appears in 106 trade mark registrations.

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Papierakte "Perkeo"

First registered trade DE mark
Germany's number 1 brand "Perkeo"

It took just 16 days from the filing of the application to the registration of the German trademark number 1 "Perkeo": on October 1, 1894, the "Law for the Protection of the Description of Goods" or "Warenbezeichnungsgesetz" for short came into force, which for the first time also protected word marks and equipment.

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Farina Firmenschild von 1868

World's oldest perfume manufacturer
Three centuries of fighting imitators

One of the oldest German companies celebrates its anniversary: For more than three centuries, the company "Johann Maria Farina gegenüber dem Jülichs-Platz GmbH" has been in existence in Cologne. And for almost as long the world's oldest perfume factory still in existence has been fighting against counterfeiters, imitators and product pirates.

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Last updated: 22 December 2023