Notice of 7 June 2021

DEPATISnet searches now even more convenient: new "Advanced" search mode

The new "Advanced" search mode of DEPATISnet offers many options for customising the search form.

This additional search option offers more fields to select from than the "Basic search", but is not as complex as the "Expert" or "IKOFAX" search modes and offers many options for customising the search form.

First select "Advanced" under the item "Search" on the DEPATISnet homepage. A single-line input field appears with a drop-down list for selecting the field name (e.g. Inventor, Application date, etc.). Click the + button to add further input fields. Individual search fields can be linked by the Boolean operators "AND", "OR" and "NOT". Furthermore, there is a function to bracket search terms.

How the new search mode works

You are looking for German patents of the owner "Siemens" from the application year 2017. The patents are to include the keywords "Herstellung" or "Verfahren".

For the search field displayed select "Applicant/Owner" in the drop-down list and enter the name "Siemens". By clicking the + button you can add further input fields. To the left of the input fields is a drop-down list with the Boolean operators. The "AND" operator is set by default.
Select "Publication number" for the country, "Application date" for the time period and "Kind code" for patents and fill the input fields as indicated in the screenshot.
To enter the keywords "Herstellung" or "Verfahren", click the + button and also the () button, select "Search in full text" and enter "Herstellung". For "Verfahren", click the + button again and select "Search in full text". Click "OR" in the drop-down list of Boolean operators and start the search.

Last updated: 7 June 2021