Important notice of 1 January 2024

on the update of the official list of goods Design for the 14th edition of the Locarno Classification (Classification for Registered Designs)

The official list of goods Design for the 14th edition of the International Classification of Industrial Designs (Locarno Classification) has been updated and is valid since January 1, 2024 in its version 2024_LOC14.

The alphabetical list of goods and the applicable class division of the Locarno Classification were published in December 2023 in externer Link Federal Gazette.
The current versions are also available on our Classification/Designs page.

The DPMA offers an online search (only in German) engine for searching for admissible terms for product indications in the context of design applications.

When applying for designs electronically with DPMAdirektWeb, the current list of goods is stored with the product indication. The current version of the list of goods is also available when using the DPMAdirekt software, provided that the update function of the software is used.

The official list of goods Design is based on the currently valid edition of the Locarno Classification and also contains other nationally permitted entries. It is updated annually with regard to new national entries, deletions and changes to existing entries. The international classification for industrial designs (Locarno Classification) is reissued every two years. Major structural changes (class changes) are reserved for these editions.

Last updated: 8 July 2024