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E-filing with the DPMA

DPMAdirektPro allows you to file a legally effective IP application online and submit electronic documents relating to this application online, at a later date. You will be prompted to fill in clear on-screen forms for submitting the data required for the requests. The data will automatically be converted into the data format required by the DPMA. For e-filing you need a special software, which we provide to you free of charge, as well as a qualified signature card.

Advantages over paper-based filing

  • plausibility check of data before sending (sparing the need to ask questions and avoiding delays)
  • secure/encrypted data transmission
  • verifiability of correct transmission
  • prompt acknowledgement of receipt
  • official file number in just a few minutes
  • no postal charges and no paper costs
  • reduced application fees
  • accurate identification of sender (signature card)

The following documents can be filed

  • patent applications (German, European and PCT)
  • utility model applications
  • trade mark applications
  • design applications
  • initiation of national phase entry of a PCT application for the grant of a patent or registration of a utility model
  • subsequent filing of documents pertaining to a German patent application or utility model application, for example:
  • requests for examination (for patents only) or search
  • description, claims, drawings, abstract (for patents only)
  • replies to office actions with enclosures (amended claims, description, drawings)
  • fair copy of amended application documents
  • priority documents/(plain) copy of an earlier application
  • non-patent literature
  • power of attorney or notification of representation
  • translation of the foreign-language application
  • mention of the inventor (for patents only)
  • request for extension of time limit
  • explanatory letter on the documents
  • oppositions in patent procedures
  • appeals in patent and trade mark procedures
  • applications for determination/declaration of invalidity - design procedures
  • specification of purpose of use of SEPA mandate

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Last updated: 25/03/19 


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