95 years Penicillin Blunting wonder weapon

World of design It barks and meows through the design register

Number of the month Applications in Germany with foreign roots

Caution: Fraudulent invoice!

There are again fraudulent payment requests by e-mail in circulation with falsified sender information of DPMA Vice President Maile. More information on Misleading Requests for Payment

SME information pages

SME information pages

Our information pages for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will explain why intellectual property rights are important and how to protect intellectual property. They give an overview of information and funding opportunities, show how to enforce intellectual property rights and also how to integrate an IP strategy into corporate policy.

Patent information centres

Patent information centres: all-round service providers in the field of industrial property protection

The DPMA closely cooperates with patent information centres all over Germany. They offer all those interested in IP comprehensive information on industrial property protection, including initial consultations for inventors, training courses and search support.