Field of action "Staff"

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We promote and ensure our staff’s competency and commitment. Our culture is to treat each other with respect.

  • Our personnel management is of a strategic nature.

    We have developed a plan of action for targeted personnel marketing. We quickly fill our vacancies with qualified staff, paying particular attention to a fair proportion of women and men in executive positions. Our personnel development programme considers both professional development and the reconcilability of work and personal life.

  • Our culture is based on openness, transparency, respect, trust and mutual esteem.

    Respect and mutual esteem are the pillars of communication and cooperation across all hierarchical levels at the DPMA. In this context, we pay heed to the different opinions, values and ways of life of our staff. The management style of our executives has transparent goals, is adapted to what the situation demands and pays regard to the staff and their health. We consult our staff about upcoming changes at an early stage.

  • We are an attractive employer.

    We offer varied, demanding tasks, individual career opportunities and secure jobs with attractive framework conditions. In particular, we promote the reconcilability of work and personal life. We also attach importance to targeted health promotion in order to handle the challenges of the demographic change in our society. We offer a healthy, modern work environment and organisation.

  • We qualify and support our staff with targeted and efficient measures.

    With our qualification controlling based on key figures, we record and advise on all internal and external advanced training measures. On this basis, we upskill our staff efficiently and support their ability to work by developing a functional knowledge management system.

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Last updated: 10 August 2021