Field of action "Cooperation projects"

Viele bunte Linien die zu einem Pfeil zusammenlaufen

We are actively involved in designing a future-oriented IP system at the European and international level.

  • We regularly exchange information and views with other national offices and other international partners.

    We maintain contact with long-standing partners and continuously identify the national and international organisations and topics important to us (IP5, national patent offices of Europe). We analyse the information gained in international exchanges and use it to optimise our own work.

  • We are an office of influence in international cooperation and in legal discussions.

    Our international activities focus on an active role in shaping the future of intellectual property and on our development at the international level. To achieve this, we participate in drafting and implementing European regulatory initiatives and in the convergence programmes of the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office.

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Last updated: 10 August 2021