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Application - renewal - opposition - cancellation

Overview of Trade Marks Fees
Type of Fee  Euro 
Application fee (including class fee for up to three classes)   EUR 300  
Application fee for electronic filing (including class fee for up to three classes)  EUR 290 
Class fee upon filing application (for the 4th class and for each additional class)   EUR 100  
Accelerated examination of the application   EUR 200  
Renewal fee (including class fee for up to three classes)   EUR 750  
Class fee upon renewal (for the 4th class and for each additional class)   EUR 260  
Opposition fee   EUR 120  
Cancellation fee on the grounds of nullity due to absolute grounds for refusal   EUR 300  
Cancellation fee on the grounds of revocation   EUR 100  
Refund fee  EUR 10 

The application fee includes the fee for three classes of goods or services. A class fee must be paid for each additional class.

The application fee and any class fees are request fees, which will be forfeited upon filing the request and payment (irrespective of the outcome of the trade mark registration procedure). This means that the request fees will not be refunded, for example, in case of withdrawal of the trade mark application.

Fees are only refunded in case of payment without legal ground. Please note that a refund fee of EUR 10 will be retained in that case.

If you are interested in having your application examined faster, you can file a request for accelerated examination. The fee for accelerated examination is EUR 200.

The initial term of protection of a trade mark is 10 years. You can renew it for further 10-year periods by paying the renewal fee. 

Higher fees are possible after preliminary classification.

  • What happens with my application?
    • After receipt of your application at the DPMA, a file will be set up, the list of goods or services will be checked and your basic data will be captured.
      After about 3 to 4 weeks you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt (EB). It will include information on fees relating to your application.

  • Why are the fees suddenly higher than I calculated?
    • The classifying unit of the trade mark department carries out a preliminary classification of the list of goods and services submitted by you. If, during this process, one or several additional class(es) is (are) identified and if the number of classes exceeds three, the fee will increase.

  • Amount of fee
    • The total amount will increase by EUR 100.- per class, where the number of classes exceeds the three classes already covered by the application fee.

  • How is an additional class created?
    • This happens when a word on the list of goods/services must be clearly attributed to another class not yet indicated. This only applies for words/terms contained in the search engine for goods and services.

Detailed fee information

pdf- Datei Information of Costs, Fees and Expenses (A9510.1) - list of all fees and expenses

Term of payment

  • The application fee and any further class fees must be paid within 3 months from the date of receipt of the application at the DPMA. Otherwise, your application is deemed to be withdrawn by operation of law.

  • The acknowledgement of receipt will also provide you with information on the amount of the fees. However, please note that the term of payment starts to run from the date of filing the application that means independently of when you receive the acknowledgement of receipt.

  • If the class fees are not paid at all or not paid in full within the three-month term of payment, the application is deemed to be withdrawn for some of the goods or services.

  • If accelerated examination is requested under Section 38 of the Trade Mark Act, the fee must also be paid within three months after filing the request. If this fee is not paid or not paid on time, the request for accelerated examination is deemed to be withdrawn. The application will then be processed under the normal procedure.

  • The renewal fee falls due on the last day of the month in which the term of protection ends. Then you have two months to pay the renewal fee without surcharge and a further four months to pay the fee with a surcharge of EUR 50.-. The fee may be paid one year before expiry of the term of protection at the earliest.

  • The day of payment is crucial for the observance of the term of payment. The day of payment depends on the mode of payment.

Mode of payment

Payments can be made as follows:

  • By handing in or transmitting a direct debiting mandate for an account in Germany; this mode of payment ensures faster processing or your application. We urgently advise you to use the official form to avoid any confusion and delay in processing of fee payments.
  • By transfer to the account of Bundeskasse Halle
    • Beneficiary: Bundeskasse Halle/DPMA
      Name of bank: BBk München (= Munich branch of Deutsche Bundesbank)
      Account no. 700 010 54
      Bank sort code: 700 000 00
  • In cash at the counters of the document receiving service (in the Munich or Jena offices and in the Technical Information Centre in Berlin) or by (cash) payment at a national or foreign financial institution into the account of Bundeskasse Halle/DPMA.

Please note:

  • For the payment of fees the following details must always be indicated: the purpose of payment and the official file number, if already known, otherwise the name of the applicant and the filing date.

  • If you intend to pay fees by transfer from a foreign country or pay in cash from a foreign country, please give the following details:
    • Beneficiary: Bundeskasse Halle/DPMA
      Name of bank: BBk München (= Munich branch of Deutsche Bundesbank)
      Account no. 700 010 54
      Bank sort code: 700 000 00
      BIC (SWIFT Code): MARKDEF1700
      IBAN: DE84 7000 0000 0070 0010 54
    • The provision of IBAN and BIC numbers help to expedite cross-border payment transactions and reduce costs of cross-border payments.
    • This will not extend the terms of payment. Please make sure that all accruing bank charges for the transfer of payments are charged to you. If the amount credited to the account of the DPMA is lower than the fee amount due, this will result in the legal consequences of insufficient payment of the fee.
      That means that your application or your request will be deemed to have been withdrawn, because under the provisions of the Patent Costs Act, the fee will be deemed not to have been paid in full or not to have been paid in due time.

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