Information on the payment of fees at the DPMA

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Please note:
The timely and complete fee payment is crucial for the filing of your IP applications and the maintenance of your IP rights.
The day of payment is particularly important. If due fees are not received in time at the DPMA or if the DPMA does not receive the full fee amount, your request for IP protection or your application is deemed to be withdrawn; your IP right lapses. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you make sure that the full fees are paid in due time.

How to pay the fees at the DPMA:
Mode of payment How Notices
Cash payment directly at the DPMA At the counters of the document receiving service in Munich, Berlin and Jena Please consider the Opening hours of the respective document receiving service
Cash payment into an account of Bundeskasse At a national or foreign financial institution;
IBAN: DE84 7000 0000 0070 0010 54
For proof of the payment day, please send a copy of the payment slip by fax to +49 89 2195-2192 or an e-mail to (particularly if the payment period expires soon and you want to meet the deadline).
Credit transfer from an account in Germany Beneficiary:
IBAN: DE84 7000 0000 0070 0010 54
See also collective payments
Cross-border credit transfer Beneficiary:
IBAN: DE84 7000 0000 0070 0010 54
See also Information on cross-border credit transfers
SEPA direct debit scheme By using the forms A 9530.1 (mandate) and A 9532.1 (purpose of use) Only euro accounts can be debited. Access requirement is a SEPA core direct debit mandate. In addition, a specification of the purpose of use of the mandate is obligatory.
Further information on direct debiting is available here or at "Questions about the SEPA direct debit scheme".

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Notices on all payment options:

Contact & questions

  • Do you have any questions? Then please have a look at the overview of frequently asked questions.
  • For all general questions concerning fees and payment transactions you can call our Central Customer Care and Services +49 89 2195-1000.
  • For questions on the SEPA direct debit scheme, you can call our collecting hotline +49 89 2195-4500 or send an e-mail to:
  • For information on all other payment options or for concrete questions about individual payment transactions, please send an e-mail to You can call us at +49 89 2195-2532.


Last updated: 2 March 2022