Exhibition: “We protect innovations – 25 years of the DPMA in Jena”

Luftbild Goethe-Galerie Jena

The exhibition of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office can be visited at the Goethe Galerie from 11 to 23 September. It shows the history of the Jena office and presents practical examples of patents, trade marks and designs.

Press release of 29 August 2023

Jena. For a quarter of a century, the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) has had an office in Jena – and the DPMA continues to expand in Jena. "We protect innovations – 25 years of the DPMA in Jena": From 11 to 23 September, the exhibition shows how important the Jena office is for the DPMA as a federal authority with its headquarters in Munich. The office in Thuringia was established as a result of a decision by the Federalism Commission (a commission composed of members of the federal legislative bodies Bundestag and Bundesrat) in 1992. What are the 280 staff members of the centre of expertise for intellectual property and IP rights in Jena dealing with today? Find the answer at the exhibition. What will the further expansion to up to 350 staff look like? The DPMA is currently recruiting additional IT experts and patent examiners in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics.

Provider of a wide range of services

Visitors to the exhibition can gain detailed information on patents, trade marks and designs. Experts of the DPMA are available to discuss your questions directly at the Goethe Galerie shopping centre. The DPMA office in Jena provides IP-related services to companies, the research and scientific community, start-ups and individual inventors. Did you know that the DPMA already uses artificial intelligence? With 40 posters and other exhibits provided by participating companies, the exhibition gives detailed insights into the work of the DPMA and many practical examples of innovations that have been implemented. A wide range of innovations from a number of industries – from automotive engineering to electrical and medical engineering to toys.

Patent protection in the past and at present, authentic and counterfeit products and a DPMA quiz

It is an astonishing fact that there were forerunners of the patent system even in the Middle Ages. Alongside a chronology of the milestones in patent protection, the exhibition gives an outlook on the future, e.g., in the form of a concept car.

Authentic or counterfeited? At the exhibition, Aktion Plagiarius e.V., an association that grants an anti-award for counterfeiting, presents exhibits to inform about illegal product and trade mark piracy. Get creative: In the kids’ corner, children and their parents can build individual models using anchor stone blocks. In addition, there is a quiz game around the DPMA for all interested parties.

The exhibition will take place every day from Monday 11 September to Saturday 23 September between 10:00 and 20:00 – even on 17 September, a Sunday when shops are exceptionally open, and on 20 September, a public holiday.

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office

Inventiveness and creativity need effective protection. The DPMA is the German centre of expertise for all intellectual property rights – patents, utility models, trade marks and registered designs. The largest national patent office in Europe and the fifth largest national patent office in the world, our office stands for the future of Germany as a country of inventors in a globalised economy. Its staff of just under 2,800 at three locations – Munich, Jena and Berlin – provide services for inventors and companies. They implement federal innovation strategies and develop the national, European and international protection systems.

Picture: DPMA

Last updated: 29 August 2023