Interesting facts about patents, trade marks and more

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Industrial property rights
Industrial property rights at a glance

What types of industrial property protection exist and what exactly is protected?
You will find the answer in our brief introduction.


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Figures, data, facts

How many patent applications were filed in Germany every year? Which company registered the most trade marks? From which Federal Land do most of the new designs originate? Detailed figures about patents, trade marks and more are available in our statistics.


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140 years of the patent office in Germany

2017, the German Patent and Trade Mark Office looked back at its history, which began in Berlin, 140 years ago. Throughout the jubilee year, we provided monthly insights into the history of the office. Browse our articles!


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Poster gallery
Milestones of technological history

Our poster gallery contains a selection of inventions that decisively influenced or are influencing our daily lives.


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125 years of utility model protection

The legal basis for utility model protection has existed since 1891. On occasion of this anniversary, we highlighted a different aspect of the "little brother of the patent" every month in 2016 (only available in German).


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DPMA honours famous German inventors

A gallery at the DPMA honours 17 contemporary German inventors. It aims to "contribute to strengthen confidence in one’s own abilities and show young people, in particular, that inventor can be a rewarding career."


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Last updated: 17 February 2021