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DPMAdirektPro - software and brief instructions

This page contains the current version of DPMAdirektPro with brief instructions concerning the installation of the software as well as examples of patent and trade mark applications.

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For questions about software and IT equipment (technical support only)

We are pleased to answer your technical questions (software, card reader and signature card):

For general questions on industrial property rights please contact
our Central Customer Care and Sevices:
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Upon first start, you must create a certificate as the “key” for your electronic mailbox. This certificate will also be used for encrypted transfer of your data to the DPMA. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

Furthermore, you need a signature card card for electronic filing of IP applications. Signing with a pseudonym that makes it impossible to identify the person holding a signature key is not permissible (Sec. 3a (2) Administrative Procedure Act – Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz).

For the search of possible signature card providers, the European Union provides an online search option externer Link Trusted List Browser. Please note that currently only cards from German providers can be used and that a lead time of approximately 2 weeks must be planned for the procurement of the signature card.

It is not possible to use the new identity card.

DPMAdirektPro - current software and documentation

DPMAdirektPro allows you to request that documents be sent electronically. This means that you can receive mail from the DPMA relating to a file number electronically.

  • common setup for the single-user and multi-user versions for Windows
    • DPMAdirektPro_Setup_3.4.3.exe of 08/05/2023 (MD5-Prüfsumme: 40ee1bd6b5015f013db10334d7df16b8)
      IMPORTANT: In case of an update of the multi-user version, only the client component must be reinstalled. Please also read the documentation.

Information about the change from the old product branch 2.x to the new version 3.x can be found in pdf-Datei Newsletter 49 (in German).



Last updated: 9 May 2023