The DPMA is buzzing and humming

Swarm of bees

Recently, about 120,000 new staff have joined the DPMA. The individual names of the respective staff members are not known to the personnel department. But we assume that Maya and Willy could be well among them, because the busy new staff is of a humming kind. At its Munich locations in Schwere-Reiter-Straße and Cincinnatistraße, the DPMA has had beehives installed on the green spaces of the office buildings, thus setting another example in terms of sustainability.

The bee colonies were provided by a professional beekeeper. He made sure that the set-up of the bees' new home is species-appropriate, that it follows an ecological approach and is oriented towards the bees' natural rhythm of life. The beekeeper also took care of relocating the hard-working helpers to the domicile at the DPMA. We captured the action in the video below and were quite astonished how loud bees hum when occurring in a big swarm.

To ensure a good supply of pollen and nectar, the bees fly within a radius of three to five kilometres. A bee heads for a good 200 flowers per flight before it returns to the hive with a full bee stomach. “Species-appropriate”, “ecological” and “natural rhythm of life” mean in this context that the beekeeper has also taken care to only settle so many bee colonies that they can feed themselves well. If the bees were not able to find enough food, the beekeeper would have to feed in addition, which would lead to malnutrition of the bees.

Species-appropriate beekeeping results in pure and natural products. This way, the gentle handling of honey, propolis, pollen and wax leads to bee products with valuable ingredients and a fine aromatic taste, which is especially beneficial for natural honey.
This year’s early summer was unusually hot. The flowers of the plants reached their development goal, which is so important for bees, earlier than expected. Thus, for the bees, summer is already over. And for lovers of honey produced by wild bees, this means that the DPMA will soon be able to harvest its own honey. The honey will then be sold to the staff.

Not all at the same time, please

Moving into a new home may be a more orderly process among humans. Bees obviously do not know how to queue. Nevertheless, every bee knows where it will live in the hive and what it has to do ...

Im Video: Patent honey at the DPMA

Bilder: DPMA

Last updated: 5 August 2022