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The Internet services of the DPMA

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office issues its official publications, such as Patentblatt (patent gazette), Markenblatt (trade mark journal) and Designblatt (designs gazette) as well as patent documents and utility model documents exclusively in electronic form. You can conduct online searches for patents, utility models, trade marks and designs and have access to the legal/procedural status registers. You can of course file IP applications online at the DPMA.

Our E-Services at a glance

Online filing

  • DPMAdirekt - filing IP applications online
    With DPMAdirekt you can file your patent, utility model or trade mark application online at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Industrial property search facilities

  • DPMAregister Official Publications and Register
    DPMAregister is the online service for publication of the official publications and the register data with the current legal status information on IP rights.
    DPMAregister is particularly suitable for conducting searches for IP applications and registered and granted IP rights, for gaining information on the current legal status of an IP right and for the regular and systematic monitoring of newly published IP rights.
    • DPMAkurier is an additional online service under DPMAregister for automated monitoring of IP rights.

  • DEPATISnet - electronic patent document archive
    Via DEPATISnet you can conduct online searches in the electronic DEPATIS document archive. DEPATISnet is suitable for initial searches on the state of the art. Here you find the universal technological knowledge contained in more than 60 million patent documents.


  • DPMAprimo - the search portal for the libraries of the DPMA
    DPMAprimo is the search engine for the libraries of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA). The portal enables users to carry out searches in print and electronic literature in the holdings of the DPMA and in other licensed sources. The automatic inclusion of an external data index allows to search in a huge range of scientific literature with several hundred million data records.

Supply of data

  • Data supply services of the DPMA - supply of machine-readable IP data
    The Data supply services of the DPMA provide the option to easily download raw data of all types of industrial property rights from a webserver. Professional users may utilise these data for integration into their own IP database.

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