Industrial property information by e-mail

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DPMAkurier is an alert service which you can use for monitoring IP rights. You will receive the results through automated e-mails. DPMAkurier is based on our DPMAregister online service which contains statutory publications and register data.
DPMAkurier requires registration prior to first-time use. You can register and use the complete service at no cost.

The following services are available under DPMAkurier:

  • subscription to complete issues or parts of the patent gazette (Patentblatt), the trade mark journal (Markenblatt) and the design gazette (Designblatt), supplied as PDF files
  • monitoring legal and procedural status information, whose publication is obligatory, up to 500 file numbers of any type of IP right
  • monitoring up to 50 names of applicants, inventors or owners per type of IP right (for patent/utilitymodel only national IP rights information; more information on DPMAregister Help
  • monitoring up to 100 full IPC symbols
  • monitoring up to 45 classes according to the Nice Classification and/or
  • monitoring up to 100 classes according to the Locarno Classification

You will receive e-mails containing the results of monitoring in a daily, weekly or monthly cycle, as desired. These e-mails contain information on changes to the legal and procedural status of the submitted file numbers, the result lists of monitoring by names and classes, or the electronic gazettes/journals as PDF files.

Last updated: 20 October 2020