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DPMAkurier is an alert service which you can use to monitor IP rights. You will receive the results through automated e-mails. DPMAkurier is based on our DPMAregister online service which contains statutory publications and register data. After registration prior to first-time use, you will regularly receive information on new publications and changes in DPMAregister. The e-mails containing such information will be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the selected monitoring cycle. As for patents and utility models, you can additionally select which information concerning a specific file number you wish to receive (e.g. revocation proceedings, examination procedure).
The e-mail will contain information on the results or changes to the register as well as a link to the relevant data record in DPMAregister.

The following services are available:

  • monitoring of legal and procedural status information by file numbers / publication numbers
  • monitoring of IP rights by names
  • monitoring of IP rights by classes
  • monitoring of IP rights by a combination of name and class
  • user-defined monitoring for all IP rights

The number of monitoring searches that can be submitted is not limited.

If you subscribe to the Patent Gazette (Patentblatt), the Trade Mark Journal (Markenblatt) and/or the Design Gazette (Designblatt), you will regularly receive a link to the complete issues or individual parts of the gazettes/journals in PDF format.


You can use DPMAkurier free of charge.

Last updated: 23 September 2022