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Overview of designs fees

Type of fee  Euro 
Individual application (including a term of protection of 5 years)  EUR 70 
Multiple application (up to 100 designs can be filed in one application)  EUR 7 per design,
a minimum of EUR 70 


The application fee for a multiple application including 20 designs amounts to EUR 140. The application fee must be paid within three months from the date of filing the application.

Costs in case of deferment of publication of the representation

Application fee

A reduced application fee of EUR 3 for each design applies if you request the deferment of publication of the representation. However, a minimum amount of EUR 30 is due.

Application fees in case of deferment of publication
Type of fee  Euro  
Individual application  EUR 30 
Multiple application (up to 100 designs can be filed in one application)  EUR 3 per design,
minimum amount: EUR 30 

Extension fee

Within 30 months you can decide if you wish to have protection extended to the full initial term of protection of 5 years. The extension fee is EUR 4 for each design. The minimum amount is EUR 40.

Extension fees
Type of fee   Euro  
Individual application  EUR 40  
Multiple application  EUR 4 per design,
minimum amount: EUR 40 

Renewal fees

Renewal fees for each registered design (also for each registered design of a multiple application)
Term of protection   Euro 
for the 6th to the 10th year of protection   EUR 90  
for the 11th to the 15th year of protection  EUR 120  
for the 16th to the 20th year of protection  EUR 150  
for the 21st to the 25th year of protection  EUR 180 
The respective renewal fee is due on the last day of the month in which the protection period ends. Then you have two months to pay the due fee without surcharge and a further four months to pay the fee with a surcharge of EUR 50.-. Advance payment is possible, but not earlier than one year before the expiry of the term of protection. 

Detailed fee information

pdf- Datei Information of Costs, Fees and Expenses (A9510.1) - list of all fees and expenses

Term of payment

Please make sure that your application fee is received at the DPMA within 3 months from filing the application. Otherwise, your application is deemed to be withdrawn by operation of law.

How can you pay the fees?

Payments may be made:

  • in cash at the counters of the document receiving service (in the Munich or Jena offices and in the Technical Information Centre in Berlin);
  • by transfer to the account of Bundeskasse Halle/DPMA at Bundesbank München, account no. 700 010 54 (bank sort code: 700 000 00);
  • by (cash) payment for Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt at a national or foreign financial institution into the account of Bundeskasse Halle at Bundesbank München, account no. 700 010 54 (bank sort code: 700 000 00);
  • by direct debiting mandate for an account in Germany. Please use the official form for this purpose.

For each payment the following details must be indicated: the complete file number and the fee number, listed in the schedules of fees (annex to Sec. 2 (1) Patent Costs Act and the annex to Sec. 2 (1) Ordinance on the Administrative Costs of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office), and the payer. The fee numbers for all fees and charges are listed in pdf- Datei Information concerning Costs, Fees and Expenses (form A9510.1). Incorrect or incomplete information may delay processing.

Cross-border payments of fees

If you intend to pay fees by transfer from a foreign country, please give the following details:

Beneficiary: Bundeskasse Halle/DPMA
Name of the bank: BBk München (= Deutsche Bundesbank Filiale München)
Account number: 700 010 54
Bank sort code: 700 000 00
IBAN: DE84 7000 0000 0070 0010 54

Address of recipient:   Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
Zweibrückenstrasse 12
80331 München 
Bank address:   Deutsche Bundesbank
Filiale München
Leopoldstraße 234
80807 München 

Bank charges for cross-border payment transactions

Frequently, banks levy charges for the cross-border transfer. These charges are deducted from the original amount paid, so that the amount credited to the account of the DPMA will be lower than the amount due. This may cause considerable legal prejudice for you. In that case your application or your request will be deemed to have been withdrawn, because under the provisions of the applicable Patent Costs Act (Patentkostengesetz), the fee will be deemed not to have been paid in full or not to have been paid in due time.

We recommend that you explicitly instruct your bank that all additional transfer and handling charges are charged to you.

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