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Project Historical research project on the history of the Reichspatentamt

In order to comprehensively review the history of its predecessor institution, the Reichspatentamt (Patent Office of the German Reich), in the period from 1933 to 1945, the DPMA has invited tenders for a historical research project. Furthermore, research is to be done on the period without a patent office, from 1945 to 1949, and on the new beginning of the German Patent Office in the period from 1949 to about 1965. A comprehensive examination of the history of the Patent Office in the above-mentioned period has so far not been conducted. In the past years, historical research has often dealt with the involvement of the German administrative machinery in the Nazi crimes and the continuance of people involved in those crimes in their positions in the early years of the Federal Republic of Germany. The aim of the project “Review of the History of the Reichspatentamt in the Nazi Era and of the New Start in the Post-War Period” is to review this period for the Patent Office as well. The main study of the project is expected to be completed by October 2026.

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In focus Creativity is female

On the occasion of World IP Day, we started a series of articles about successful female inventors, designers and trade mark proprietors active in Germany on our websites. Join us on our journey through Germany to meet interesting female scientists, entrepreneurs and founders in the course of the year and learn about their ground-breaking work, which sets standards for innovation and creativity in their respective areas. The series is accompanied by a social media campaign.

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How to ... — New video tutorials on our YouTube channel

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We continue developing our social media channels!

New videos with useful information about the filing of IP applications will soon be available on our YouTube channel. And almost every day, there is something new to discover on Xing and LinkedIn.

Stop by. It’s worth it!

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Overview DPMA Trade fair calendar 2023

DPMA Trade fair calendar 2023
Date Trade fair Venue Info
6 to 7 May 2023 VELOBerlin Berlin Mobile IP experts
9 to 12 May 2023 transport logistic Munich Booth
12 May 2023 "IP Career" Munich Booth
25 May 2023 Beck Bewerbertag Jura Munich Booth
4 to 7 June 2023 imm cologne Cologne At the "No Copy!"-booth
14 to 16 June 2023 PATINFO Ilmenau Booth
15 June 2023 BMWK Innovationstag Mittelstand Berlin Booth
21 to 25 June 2023 Eurobike Frankfurt Mobile IP experts
12 July 2023 Tag der gewerblichen Schutzrechte Stuttgart Booth
14 September 2023 IT-Jobtag Munich Booth
27 to 28 September 2023 all about automation Chemnitz Mobile IP experts
13 to 14 October 2023 deGUT Berlin Booth
18 October 2023 Karrieretag.org Munich Booth
28 to 30 October 2023 iENA Nuremberg Booth
5 to 7 November 2023 ISS GUT Leipzig Mobile IP experts
11 to 12 November 2023 VeggieWorld Munich Munich Mobile IP experts
14 to 17 November 2023 productronica Munich Mobile IP experts
16 November 2023 Potsdamer Gründertag Potsdam Booth
24 to 25 November 2023 Future of Festivals Berlin Mobile IP experts

An up-to-date version of our trade fair and event calendar is available on our website.