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Oskar-Erich Peter

Born: 8 February 1898, Berlin

Died: 23 November 1989, Brackenheim

"Chance and destiny have shaped my career. I took certain risks, but my boldness was always rewarded."

At the age of 17, Peter built his first functioning airplane. Apart from motorcycles with sidecars, his inventions concerned mainly the area of clamping components. He filed more than 200 patent applications with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

Sidecars and clamping components

When he was 15, Peter performed tests on his first airplane construction - a high-wing monoplane with a deep centre of gravity, powered by a 30 hp three cylinder engine. When making a hop, he got caught in a gust of wind and his plane crashed, while he remained unhurt. Two years later he performed successful short flights with a new 30 hp powered plane.
After a professional pilot training he was assigned pilot's duties in WWI. In 1921, Peter took up studies in mechanical engineering in Berlin. After his studies, he worked as an engineer. He designed motorcycles with sidecars having a single tube chassis. In the following years, he was granted patents for inventions in the area of flight hydraulics.
From 1948 he developed clamping systems and modified this technology significantly due to his many inventions.

Clamping systems

"Peter designed a clamping system in which rings provided with interacting conical surfaces are coaxially placed into each other and axially pressed together. The resulting modification of the diameter provides for the clamping of a hub to a shaft, or for connecting two shafts or tubes." (Excerpt from the paper presented on occasion of his induction into the Inventors Gallery in 1987).

In 1958 he founded a company, Peter KG, in Brackenheim/Württemberg. He advised industrial enterprises on the utilisation of clamping components as a freelance representative for Ringfeder GmbH. In the following years, he filed more than 50 patent applications relating to clamping systems.

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Patent document DE-3636393

"Formschlußspannsatz zum Verbinden einer Nabe mit einer Welle"

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