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Artur Fischer

Born: 31 December 1919, Tumlingen
Died: 27 January 2016, Tumlingen

"Whenever we create something new it requires our whole-hearted commitment."

Fischer applied for more than 5,000 IP rights. The most famous among them are the patents for the Fischer wallplug and the fischertechnik® construction kit.

Flashlight and bone plug

After secondary school, Fischer completed a metalworking apprenticeship in Stuttgart. In 1948, after his return from captivity, he founded the Artur-Fischer-Apparatebau company and manufactured fire lighters and switches for weaving looms. In 1949, he applied for his first patent, a photographic flashlight with flash-shutter synchronisation. Since 1957, he concentrated increasingly on the development of fixing systems. His grey plastic expanding wallplug is known worldwide. Since 1958, innumerable varieties and enhancements of the plug have been developed.

The plug

Fischer replaced the former metal plug with hemp core by a plastic plug. The plug is a fixing element, which is inserted into holes or pushed into the surface, to join components. Conventional plugs or expansion plugs with expanding barbs are used for fastening screws to walls or ceilings. The two halves of the plug will expand when the screw is driven into the material. Fischer wallplugs have so-called anti-rotation fins that wedge against the interior of the drill hole to prevent the plug from rotating.

From Christmas present to big seller

The Fischertechnik construction kits, which were actually intended as Christmas present for customers, have turned into a marketing success since 1965. This popular construction kit encourages the acquisition of basic technical knowledge and stimulates creativity.
In 1980, Fischer handed over the reins of the company to his son. Since then he has been heading the Fischer research centre.
Fischer has made a wide range of inventions: from the flash light, expansion plug, connecting element for bone fractures, drill units, steel bolt anchor to construction kits and children's toys, made of potato starch.

Patent search

To find out more about Artur Fischer's patents, go to DEPATISnet

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Patent document DE-1097117


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