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1999 - Extension of the Inventors Gallery

The ceremony in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the reopening of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office in Munich provided an occasion to further extend the Inventors Gallery.

Binnig, Gerd Karl
Dethloff, Jürgen
Lindenmeier, Heinz
Quadbeck-Seeger, Hans-Jürgen
Winnacker, Ernst-Ludwig

were inducted into the Inventors Gallery, raising its number to 17 inventors.

Some shots from the ceremony that was held at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich on 11 October 1999.

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Excerpt from the address of Dipl-Ing. N. Haugg, President of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office:

Distinguished Guests,
A patent office would be, in essence, insignificant, were it not for the people whose ideas, creativity and innovative force provide the basis for industrial property rights, giving substance to this branch of law. We wish to acknowledge achievements that are vital for the efficiency of our economy. It is my particular pleasure to honour outstanding inventors today. Their portraits will enrich the Inventors Gallery of the patent office.
We do not only honour important inventors today to express our gratitude and recognition for their innovative achievements that they have produced in a variety of technical fields. This ceremony should be understood as an incentive for all innovative forces to further expand, and as a signal to business and policy-makers to provide sustainable support and assistance to these innovative forces.

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