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Registration of the geometrical design of semiconductor products

printed circuit board


Three-dimensional structures of microelectronic semiconductors are protectable, similar to inventions. For example, you can apply for topography protection of the structure of a memory chip or a processor.

A topography is only eligible for protection if it has a so-called 'individual character'. The topography unit of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office does not check, prior to registration, whether this requirement is met.

Thus, the topography right is an unexamined IP right, similar to the utility model. It will be examined only when a request for cancellation has been filed. A topography that does not meet the requirement of 'individual character' constitutes a fictitious right and does not provide any protection, from the beginning.

Topography protection lasts for 10 years.

Request, Information, Ordinance
Doc. no.TitleWordPDFDate
T 6603/1.14Antrag auf Eintragung des Schutzes einer Topografie eines mikroelektronischen HalbleitererzeugnissesT 6603/1.14 - Download als Word-DokumentT 6603/1.14 - Download als PDF-Dokument30.01.14
T 6604/12.13Merkblatt für die Anmelder der Topografien von mikroelektronischen HalbleitererzeugnissenT 6604/12.13 - Download als PDF-Dokument02.12.13
T 6601/9.13Verordnung zur Ausführung des Halbleiterschutzgesetzes (Halbleiterschutzverordnung - HalblSchV)T 6601/9.13 - Download als PDF-Dokument14.10.13
T 6601.1/9.13Ordinance Implementing the Semiconductor Protection Act (Semiconductor Protection Ordinance)T 6601.1/9.13 - Download als PDF-Dokument19.11.13

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