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1987 - Extension of the Inventors Gallery

In July 1987, four new inventors were inducted into the Inventors Gallery of the German Patent Office:

Barényi, Béla
Hell, Rudolf
Peter, Oskar-Erich
Ruska, Ernst

Barényi, Hell, Dr. Häußer, Frau Peter, Ruska

Hr. Barényi, Dr. Hell, Dr. Häußer, Frau Peter, Dr. Ruska, Foto: Kurt Lauber

Inventors Gallery at the German Patent Office

(Excerpt from the Annual Report 1987 of the German Patent Office; original German text by F. Sekora)

The 1 July 1987 marked the 110th anniversary of the German Patent Office. The German Inventors Gallery, which had been founded on 13 September 1984 and included seven distinguished inventors, was extended in this anniversary year.

Bavarian prime minister Dr. h.c. Franz-Josef Strauß said that it had been a great and convincing idea to dedicate a gallery to German technology pioneers at the very place where their intellectual achievements were granted IP protection. In his welcome address on occasion of the extension of the Inventors Gallery he pointed out that the cultural flourishing of the past 110 years - for which he cited the names of Richard Wagner, Fontane, Hauptmann, Lenbach and the "Blue Rider" as representatives - was matched by the excellence of German top ranking scientists and the skill of German engineers and workers in putting the latest findings boldly into practice by manufacturing high quality products.

President Dr. Häußer noted at the ceremony that the Patent Office, since it was not involved in everyday politics, had been able to maintain continuity of its work for IP protection for more than a century during which German history had been characterised by tough breaks. The repeated renaming of the office, originally "Kaiserliches Patentamt", then "Reichspatentamt", followed by "Deutsches Patentamt", was a simple change of names.

According to Dr. Häußer, not being involved in everyday politics implies as well that the work done by the Patent Office is recognised by the circles interested in IP protection but that its importance for the public is hardly known.

The German Inventors Gallery has been established and extended with a view to show the esteem in which German inventors are being held at home and abroad. At the same time it is a welcome opportunity to draw the attention of the public to the German Patent Office and its activities.
The following persons will be honoured as representatives of many researchers and inventors that have accepted the challenge of the future:
Béla Barényi ... Dr.-Ing. Dr. Ing. e.h. Rudolf Hell ... Obering. Oskar-Erich Peter ... Prof. Dr. Ernst Ruska ...

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