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Service provider for the protection of intellectual property

Entrance of the DPMA in Munich

Munich, Zweibrückenstr. 12

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) sees itself as a service provider in the field of industrial property protection in Germany. The office has the duty to grant, register, administer and publish IP rights for technical and industrial innovations. At the interface between innovative ideas and their realisation, the DPMA thus contributes significantly to securing the competitiveness of Germany as a location for business and industry.

The DPMA cooperates with partners, authorities and institutions involved in IP protection. Activities in the national and international environments play an important role in raising awareness for IP matters among the public and provide information on the growing significance of IP rights in the age of globalisation.

Duty to provide information, information on IP rights

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office has the statutory duty to inform the public about IP rights effective in Germany. The DPMA fulfils this duty by making its publication and search services available on the Internet.

Another important task is to provide information to prospective applicants on important aspects of filing a patent, utility model, trade mark, or design application. Assistance on these matters is available at the office's enquiry units and search rooms. Information is also provided by 20 Patentinformationszentren (patent information centres) throughout Germany, which are recognised cooperation partners of the DPMA.

Arbitration Boards and government supervision of collecting societies

The Arbitration Board under the Law on Employees' Inventions is established at the DPMA. It mediates disputes on the reasonable compensation for employee inventions.

The duties of the DPMA include exercising government supervision of collecting societies. By contrast, the Arbitration Board under the Collecting Societies Act, although integrated in the organisation of the DPMA, is an independent body. The Board mediates disputes between collecting societies and users of copyright works.

No patent exploitation

In order to maintain competitiveness at the international level, research and development results must be transformed quickly and efficiently into marketable products. The first important step is to ensure protection for innovations by means of IP rights. With its extensive expertise the German Patent and Trade Mark Office is the contact partner for these matters.

Patent exploitation is not among the duties of the DPMA. Detailed information on patent exploitation is available at http://www.patentserver.de, an information portal of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Click here for links to other information portals on IP exploitation and the promotion and funding of innovation and technology.

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