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Please note that the German Patent Gazette on CD-ROM (Patentblatt-CD) will no longer be available from 2017.
For your searches, please use DPMAregister - data supply services DPMAdatenabgabe and DPMAconnect, the DPMA is making available further web services for the use of its data.


Patentblatt-CD is an official monthly publication of the DPMA.

Patentblatt-CD contains the current legal status data of patent documents in an electronic and searchable form.

Patentblatt-CD contains the cumulative bibliographic data from the first publication week to the respective current publication week of the year. The search software of Patentblatt-CD (MIMOSA) allows in particular to request bibliographic data via previously saved individual search profiles.

The price of the annual subscription to Patentblatt-CD (twelve editions) is EUR 300/year plus delivery costs. Patentblatt-CD is distributed by the DPMA.

Please send your orders to:
Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt
Technisches Informationszentrum
Gitschiner Str. 97
10969 Berlin

Phone +49 30 25992-275
E-mail: patentblatt-cd@dpma.de

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