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Prior art searches in patent documents from all over the world

You can search for patent publications from all over the world using DEPATISnet. You can use the data pool of the internal German DEPATIS patent information system of the DPMA.

A large range of options

Five search modes are available:

  • Beginner
  • Expert
  • Ikofax
  • Patent family
  • PIZ support (your request will be forwarded to a patent information centre for processing)

The DEPATISnet help pages contain detailed information and explanations about the use of the various search options, the collection of documents and the currentness of the database.

Key features of DEPATISnet:

  • In the configurable result list, the bibliographic data and also the original document in PDF format can be displayed for each result of the list.
  • Within a document you can browse page-by-page and jump directly to certain parts of the document ('sub-documents').
  • You can print page-by-page or complete documents.
  • DEPATISnet is a free service of the DPMA. The data of the most recent German documents are available on the respective publication day (usually on Thursday).
  • The service has a German and an English user interface.
  • Via DEPATISnet you can also search in the International Patent Classification (IPC) and the corresponding catchword index.

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