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Backfile data

Summary of available backfiles data

For establishing, developing and updating your own IP databases and other information systems and services you can receive our weekly online publication data. You can choose between different data of patents, trade marks, utility models and designs. The following list provides an overview of the available data.

patent and utility models
Category of data, kind codes A,B,C,T,U  Data format  Data available 
Full texts in the original layout
(title page, descriptions, claims, drawings) 
PDF  2004 ff. 
Full texts
(data of the title page, description, claims, drawings) 
XML/TIFF  2004 ff. 
Full texts (bibliographic data, description, claims)  XML  1987 - 2003
1877 - 1986* 
Bibliographic data and legal status data
(updates and corrections on the register) 
11/1981 - 23/2007
24/2007 - 2010
2011 ff.  
Bibliographic data  XML  1877 ff. 
* The full texts from 1877 to 1986 have been generated from the original document using automatic OCR conversion. They may therefore contain errors and/or omissions. They do not contain drawings. Tables and formulas may be of poor reproduction quality or missing altogether. 

Trade marks
Category of data  Procedural status  Data format  Data available 
Bibliographic data, images  trademarks applied for, registered trademarks, trademarks not eligible for protection  XML, JPG  1875 ff. 

Category of data  Procedural status  Data format  Data available 
Bibliographic data  registered designs  XML  10/1988 ff.  
Images  registered designs  JPG  2000 ff.  

For the supply of data, we charge only the cost for providing the data, depending on the data volume and data format. You can find an itemised list of costs in the summary of available data.

Supply of data is subject to an agreement to be concluded between you and the DPMA.

The agreement defines the purpose for which the contractual partner is using the data. In order to facilitate the conclusion of the agreement, we have provided the following notes on filling in the agreement. We are also happy to assist you via telephone.

Please note:

For reasons of data protection, the DPMA may provide its data only for specific purposes of use. In Section 3 of the agreement, you can indicate the intended purpose.
We have pre-formulated two options of use with a) and b) that you may tick. These rights of use already meet data protection requirements.
In the free text fields c), d) and e), you can adjust the possible use to your specific needs. If you use the free text fields, please specify your intended use as precisely as possible, as your intention will be checked for data protection requirements by the DPMA.
Please send the agreement together with the annex in duplicate to the DPMA. And please note that the agreement must have a legally valid original signature.

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Should you have any questions on the supply of data, you can contact us at

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