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We would like to further improve our information offer on Please take a moment to complete our survey on our web presence. Thank you very much.

1. How often do you visit the DPMA website?

2. How often do you use the mobile DPMA website (mobile phone/tablet)?

3. Which information is of particular interest to you?

4. Why are you visiting the DPMA website today?

5. In your opinion, to what extent do the following statements about our web presence apply?

The web presence is clearly structured.

The information I am looking for can be found quickly.

The information is always up-to-date.

The texts are easy to understand.

The information offered is useful to me.

The pages are well designed.

Overall, I like the web presence of the DPMA.

6. What do you particularly like about the DPMA’s web presence?

7. What suggestions/wishes do you have for the web presence?

Finally, three questions about yourself

You are …

Your age is …

You belong to the following group of people …

Data protection notice:

The data is being collected only for the purpose of the survey. No personal data will be processed. In particular, the IP address will not be stored together with the answers to the survey. Please also note our data protection statement with regard to the storage of your IP address.

Last updated: 13/07/18 


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