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Logo of Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Anniversary of the Max Planck Gesellschaft
Congratulations on 70 years of international top research!

On 26 February 1948,"Germany's most successful research organization" was re-established in Göttingen. With 18 Nobel Prize winners in 70 years, around 15,000 publications per year and a total of 84 institutes and institutions, the society is indeed Germany's most influential institution for cutting-edge research.

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Peace sign

60 years of CND symbol
A sign for peace

There are few symbols that are known all over the world and are understood everywhere. The "peace sign" is one of them. The famous symbol was invented exactly 60 years ago.

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Historic x-ray image of a hand

Died 95 years ago
Konrad Wilhelm Röntgen: the x-ray-man

He made one of the most famous discoveries in the history of science: Konrad Wilhelm Röntgen, who died 95 years ago. His "X-rays" not only revolutionized medical diagnostics, but also provided the impetus for further research that ushered in the atomic age.

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Gertrude Elion

100th birthday of Gertrude Elion
A life devoted to pharmaceutical research

One of the most important pharmaceutical researchers of the 20th century would have celebrated her 100th birthday these days: Gertrude Belle Elion. The Nobel laureate of 1988 developed some of the most important drugs of our time and revolutionized both the development of new pharmaceuticals and medicine in general.

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Women´s stockings

80 years of Perlon
A miraculous fibre

Eighty years ago, on January 29, 1938, Paul Schlack discovered the polymerizability of caprolactam and developed a polyamide fibre from it. Under the brand name Perlon it became the competitor of Nylon.

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cube sugar

175 years of cube sugar
An invention that sweetened everyday life

That's a sweet story: Because his wife is said to have injured herself while breaking sugar, Jacob Christoph Rad invented sugar cubes 175 years ago. Until then, sugar could only be bought in the shape of cones or loafs.

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Drawing of Draisine

200 years ago
Patent for Drais' “Laufmaschine”, the ancestor of all bicycle

OIn January 12,1818, Karl Freiherr von Drais received a ten-year Grand Ducal privilege for his “Laufmaschine” from the Baden duke. Drais' "running machine" was the first steerable, muscular-powered two-wheeler and thus the direct precursor of today's bicycle.

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Newton´s signature

375th birthday of Isaac Newton
The discovery of the principles of the world

Isaac Newton saw the light of day on 4 January 1643 in Woolsthorpe (Lincolnshire, England). Newton was a physicist, mathematician and astronomer, but he was also a philosopher, alchemist and theologian. He can be regarded as one of the most versatile and influential men in history.

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Photo Werner von Siemens

125th anniversary of death of Werner Siemens
Pioneer of technology and co-founder of Patentamt

His name stands for the foundation of electrical engineering, the birth of a global company and the beginning of the German patent system: Werner von Siemens. A 125 years ago, he died at the age of 75 in Berlin on December 6,1892.

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Jimi Hendrix photo

Jimi Hendrix´ 75th birthday
The wild god of guitar: virtuoso, innovator, brand

On November 27th he would have turned 75 years old: Jimi Hendrix, probably the most influential guitarist of all time. No one played the electric guitar as innovative and revolutionary as he did.

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130 years of grammophone
A patent establishes the music market

On November 8, 1887, Emil Berliner received a patent for his grammophone. Together with the “Schallplatte” it made the musical experience conservable, independent of the concert hall and suitable for mass production.

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Lither Playmobil figure

Luther - 500 years after
The patented little reformer

On October 31,1517 Martin Luther is said to have nailed 95 theses on the need for reform of the church to the doors of the Wittenberg castle church. 500 years later, the anniversary of the Reformation which changed the world is celebrated.

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Historic picture of the "Atom-Ei"

"Atomic Egg" turns 60
The "Atom-Ei" and the beginning of neutron research in Germany

On 31 October 1957, the "Atom-Ei" (atomic egg) in Garching in the north of Munich began its operation. The Research Reactor Munich was the first of its kind in Germany.

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photo of Bell X-1

Faster than the speed of sound
When the sonic wall fell

70 years ago, a plane broke the sound barrier for the first time: US pilot Chuck Yeager flew faster than sound on 14 October 1947 with his Bell X-1.

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European flags at EPO building

EPC is 40 years old
1977: European Patent Convention enters into force

A milestone in the history of IP protection in Europe: 40 years ago, on 7 October 1977, the European Patent Convention (EPC) came into force in Germany and six other countries.

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