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Plagiarius 2018

Against stealing ideas, for more fairness and respect

The Plagiarius negative award, created by the designer Professor Rido Busse, was awarded for the 42nd time at the Frankfurt consumer goods fair "Ambiente" on February 9,2018. Aktion Plagiarius e. V. has been awarding the Anti-Prize to manufacturers and traders of particularly bold counterfeit and fake products since 1977. The aim of the association is to sensitize industry, politics and consumers to the problem and to raise public awareness of the unscrupulous business practices of product and brand pirates. At the same time, the campaign draws attention to the importance of industrial property rights to safeguard creative achievements. The uniqueness of an original should be brought to the attention of both entrepreneurs and private individuals. And it should become clear that the development of a product from the first idea to marketability costs a lot of time, money and innovation. This is also reflected in the trophy of the negative award: a black gnome with a golden nose - a symbol of the immense profits that unimaginative imitators make at the expense of creative minds and industry.

The winners of the Plagiarius Competition 2018

Kitchen cutter "Nicer Dicer Plus" - left original/right forgery

This year, the Plagiarius will be awarded to three "main prize winners" and seven other "winners". This shows the wide range of sectors affected:

1. Prize
Kitchen cutter "Nicer Dicer Plus"
Original: Genius GmbH, Limburg, Germany
Forgery: Pingyang County Leyi Gift Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, PR China
The counterfeiter copies countless Genius products - each including the "Genius" brand and product name - and advertises them online, at trade fairs, on markets and in catalogues. The counterfeit cutting blades are blunt and break easily, the plastic used contains harmful substances.

2. Prize
Inflatable water park "Wibit Sports Park XL"
Original: Wibit Sports GmbH, Bocholt, Germany
Forgery: Sunny Kingdom, PR China
The copycat copies the complete Sports Park with all details (including lifejackets) and uses the original "Wibit-Hand" logo. He also took over the concept and music of the original Wibit advertising video.

3. Prize
Ride-on vehicle "PUKY Racer"
Original: PUKY GmbH & Co. KG, Wülfrath, Germany
Forgery: Hersteller: Xingtai Kurbao Toys Co., Ltd., Hebei, PR China
Distribution: Online, among others via alibaba. com
Design and technology were taken over 1:1 from the original. Cheap materials (housings, wheels, steering wheel) and poor workmanship (surfaces) reflect the inferior quality.

The seven other prizes are awarded to the counterfeiters of the following products:

Control cabinet heater "CS 06020.0-00" - left original/right forgery

  • Bathroom accessories "Royal" series
  • Frame profile "e-X 14"
  • Storage Box "Hot Stuff"
  • Cheese grater "Kasimir"
  • Silicone cup "Amorini"
  • Control cabinet heater "CS 06020.0-00"
  • Swiss Army Knife "SwissChamp"

Attention with cheap bargains

Imitation goods are now available in all price and quality levels, from dangerous counterfeit goods to high quality counterfeit products, which are hardly cheaper than the original product. The forms range from contaminated perfumes and cosmetics, inferior consumer electronics and adulterated foodstuffs to counterfeit products.
Cutting and household goods, sanitary products, children's toys, tools up to unsafe chainsaws and car rims or even incorrectly dosed medications and non-functioning medical devices such as emergency ventilators and much more. Consumers should take a look at all too cheap offers, especially on the Internet, listen to their common sense and do not click on "buy" hastily and uncritically. In your own interest it is worthwhile to carefully check the imprint, terms of payment, revocation possibilities and the general seriousness of the provider.

Product and brand piracy is not a trivial offence

Swiss Army Knife "SwissChamp" - left original/right forgery

The products awarded the Plagiarius label certainly only show the "tip of the iceberg": According to the EU Commission, the EU customs authorities confiscated more than 41 million infringing products worth EUR 670 million at the EU's external borders in 2016.

Although China is the number one country of origin for counterfeiting, more and more Chinese companies are moving from the "extended workbench of the West" to become serious competitors on the world markets. The imitations are often commissioned or distributed in industrialised countries and often from unimaginative competitors or former production or sales partners. For the best possible defence against product and brand piracy, companies should rely on a holistic strategy of legal, organizational and technical measures.

For further information

Background information on Plagiarius 2018 - photos of all award-winning plagiarism, information on the Jury 2018 and further facts about product piracy can be found on the internet pages of Aktion Plagiarius e.V.. Information on anti-piracy protection can also be found on the Customs websites.

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