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zwei schwarze Zwerge mit goldener Nase

Plagiarius 2018
Against stealing ideas, for more fairness and respect

The Plagiarius negative award, created by the designer Professor Rido Busse, was awarded for the 42nd time at the Frankfurt consumer goods fair "Ambiente" on February 9,2018.


Mädchen mit Weihnachtsmannmütze vor Rentierschlitten

Christmas and trademark protection
Who still believes in Santa Claus?

Who still believes in Santa Claus? Perhaps the applicants of the mark 3020100702745:"I believe in Santa Claus". In any case, the trademark is not registered...

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Award ceremony

Nobel Prizes 2017
Researchers and inventors in a great tradition

On 10 December, the Nobel Prizes for 2017 were presented in Stockholm, the highest awards in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and economics.

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Roboter arm

Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2017
Who will win this prestigious technology award?

In the final round, a robot, a system for pin-sharp clinical images and highly innovative bionic hand prostheses compete against each other.

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Bild 3:, Nobel Media AB / Alexander Mahmoud, Ansgar Prudenz / Deutscher Zukunftspreis

Last updated: 23/02/18 


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