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DesignEuropa Awards 2018

DesignEuropa Award goes to Hartmut Esslinger: DPMA Vice President Christine Moosbauer congratulates the internationally renowned designer on winning the "Lifetime Achivement Award"

Hartmut Esslinger with DPMA Vice President Christine Moosbauer

This year's DesignEuropa Awards were presented in Warsaw on 27 November 2018: On the occasion of the ceremony, the Vice-President of the DPMA, Christine Moosbauer, congratulated Hartmut Esslinger, one of the winners. The German-American industrial designer received the award for his life's work. "I am delighted for Mr Esslinger that he was awarded this important prize," said Moosbauer. "He is one of the most influential designers of recent decades and a visionary and innovator of international standing. His work for Apple in particular has shaped our sense of the interplay of design and technology like no other.

In his words of thanks, the prizewinner himself described his life as a dream: "My life is very good, there is no reason to dream but it’s a dream".

Esslinger is known best for the design language he created for Apple in the 1980s under the name "Snow White", true to his lifelong motto "form follows emotion".

From his initial work for Wega and Sony to his close collaboration with Steve Jobs at Apple, Esslinger proved to be a trendsetter who became one of the world's most influential and innovative designers. The design studio "frog design", which he founded in 1969, is today an international company with branches in eleven countries. In addition to Apple, Esslinger worked for a number of international clients, including Disney, Siemens, Lufthansa and Louis Vuitton.

After withdrawing from his company "frog design" in 2006, he devoted himself to teaching, most recently at the University of Shanghai in China. According to the jury of the DesignEuropa Award, Esslinger's work has changed the concept of design and had a global impact.

Esslinger protected his intellectual property well: He has registered around 130 designs and more than 200 patents with the German Patent and Trademark Office, in addition to several designs registered with the EUIPO.

Nadja Roth and Tobias Reese win first prize in the "Larger Companies" category for a robot-assisted surgical system

all winners of the DesignEuropa Awards

Nadja Roth (Siemens Healthcare) and Tobias Reese (At-Design) were awarded the prize for the design of ARTIS pheno, a robot-assisted C-arm angiography system used in minimally invasive surgical operations. The DesignEuropa jury recognized the consistent design language of the product and the overall structure, which is optimized to meet the needs of the patient. The design of the ARTIS pheno offers the medical staff optimal access to the patient during treatment, supports the fight against infections and increases the safety of the patient. The DPMA congratulates these winners.

The DesignEuropa Awards

For the second time since 2016, the DesignEuropa Awards are being organised by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property protection. A jury of experts from the fields of design, economics and intellectual property rights decides on the awarding of the prizes for life's work and in the categories "larger companies" and "small and newly founded companies".

Further information can be found on the EUIPO website.

Last updated: 13 November 2019 


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