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World IP Day 2020

green tree with colourful products as leaves - next to it text: Innovate for a green future

Innovate for a green future

"Innovate for a green future" is the motto of this year's World Intellectual Property Day on April 26. This time the focus is on inventions for a green future. Why? Because our decisions today shape our children's tomorrow and our earth should still be worth living on in a hundred years. You can also find out what intellectual property rights can contribute to a green future on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). There you will find case studies on innovative projects from all over the world.

World IP Day was first proclaimed by WIPO at the suggestion of UNESCO in 2000, exactly 30 years after the WIPO founding convention came into force on 26 April 1970.

Contribution of the DPMA and the patent information centres

World IP Day is celebrated all over the world and everyone - whether patent and trademark offices, universities, non-governmental organisations - is invited to celebrate it. The DPMA also participates in World IP Day every year and, together with the patent information centres, offers events relating to the protection of intellectual property.

This year, the day will be different due to the current situation. WIPO has invited all participants to organise the events virtually. For example, the Erfinderzentrum Norddeutschland (EZN) starts with a webinar series on the topic: "The 12 biggest mistakes in patenting inventions".

The DPMA and the PIZen have postponed the planned events to a later date.

Picture: WIPO

Last updated: 8 May 2020 


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