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Warning against misleading requests for payment


The German Patent and Trade Mark Office has been contacted by a number of applicants and holders of IP rights. The clients had received allegedly official invitations to pay from private firms for the entry of their IP titles in publications or private registers. The accompanying letters regularly convey the impression that the recipients must pay the requested amount. Frequently, the letters contain details such as the file number or the application or registration dates. Sometimes, print-outs of the official gazettes (Markenblatt, Designblatt, Patentblatt) are attached.

The DPMA would like to remind all customers that the registration of or changes in relation to IP rights are published ex officio and that official fees are collected exclusively by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office, as a rule in advance. Payment forms issued by other senders should be examined carefully. The DPMA has repeatedly filed criminal charges for fraud. To our regret, it is difficult to sue these firms, since the invitations to pay are usually posted abroad and new senders tend to appear.

IP applications:
The German Patent and Trade Mark Office points out that effective IP protection is only achieved by filing an IP application with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office or with another authority of intellectual property protection.

Official fees charged in connection with an IP right in the procedure before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office must be paid exclusively to the account indicated by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

The following companies, in particular, are unrelated to duties and services of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office:

  • A - D
    • AGN Marken- und Unternehmens Veröffentlichung
    • AGR Allgemeine Gewerbedatei e.K.
    • ALCOON Deutsches Zentralregister für Marken und Patente München
    • ALCOON Europäisches Zentralregister für Marken und Patente München
    • Allgemeines Datenregister
    • Allgemeines Datenverzeichnis
    • Allgemeine Gewerbeverwaltung (AGV)
    • Allgemeines Unternehmensregister (AUR)
    • AZIS Deutsches Zentralregister für Marken und Patente München
    • AZIS Europäisches Zentralregister für Marken und Patente München
    • BDAV Betriebsdaten Archiv UG
    • BeFA Datenerfassung
    • Community Trade Marks and Designs Limited
    • CPTD - Central Patent & Trademark Database
    • DEPA Data Archives
    • DEPA Datenarchiv
    • Deutsche Patentverwaltung *NEW*
    • Deutsches Zentralregister für Marken und Patente München
    • DMP-Agentur
    • DMPR - Deutsches Marken- und Patent Register
    • DPA - Deutsches Patent und Marken Register

  • E - H
    • eBR elektronische Bekanntmachung für Marken / Gebrauchsmuster / Patente
    • eBR elektronisches Bundesregister
    • E.C.R Euro Central Reg.
    • Euro IP Register
    • Europäisches Zentralregister für Marken und Patente
    • European Central Register
    • European Central Register of Brands and Patents
    • European Central Registration Service
    • European Pantent Agency (sic!)
    • European Patent and Trademark Register
    • European Trade marks and Designs
    • FIPTR Federated Institute for Patent- & Trademark Registry
    • HWI Datenerfassung

  • I - M
    • I.B.F.T.P.R. International Bureau for Federated Trademark Patent Register
    • I.B.I.P. International Bureau for Intellectual Property
    • International Trademark Patent Registration
    • IOPR - Intellectual Office Property Register
    • IOPTS International Organization for Patent & Trademark Service Corporation
    • IPTS International Patent and Trademark Service
    • Marken & Patent Registerverzeichnis
    • Marken- und Patentregister
    • Marken- und Unternehmensveröffentlichungen
    • Matic-Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
    • MC - Register of Trading
    • MDS Marken Deutschland Servicegesellschaft
    • MGH - UnternehmensVeröffentlichungen Marken - Patente
    • MILASTO Company S.A.
    • MPAgentur

  • N - R
    • ODM srl.
    • OHMI Office for international registration
    • Patent Trademark Register
    • RCE - Registre Central Européen
    • Register Community Trade marks
    • Register of Commerce - Markenregisterverzeichnis
    • Register of International Patents
    • RIPT s.r.o.

  • S - Z
    • TM-Edition International Catalogue of Trademarks
    • TM Selection - Trademark Selection GmbH
    • UPTS s.r.o
    • USA TradeMark Ent., INC.
    • VPM Deutsches Verzeichnis für Marken und Patente München
    • WBIP World Bureau Intellectual Property
    • WDTP Worldwide Database of Trademarks and Patents
    • WIG-Wirtschaftszentrale für Industrie und Gewerbe AG
    • WIHH-Wirtschaftsinstitut für Industrie, Handel, Handwerk AG
    • WIPD World Intellectual Property Database
    • W.O.I.P. Globex World Organisation Intellectual Property
    • WPTI s.r.o. World Patent and Trademark Index
    • ZDV - Zentrales Datenverzeichnis
    • Zentrales Gewerbe Register
    • ZGR Zentrale für Gewerbliche Marken-Registrierungen
    • ZGV
    • ZRMP Deutsches Zentralregister für Marken und Patente München
    • ZUGV Zentrale für Unternehmens- und Gewerbeveröffentlichungen

Renewals of IP rights:
IP rights can be renewed by timely direct payment of the respective renewal fee/ annual fee to the account of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. See http://www.dpma.de/docs/service/formulare_eng/allgemein_eng/a9510_1.pdf for information on the amount of the renewal fee/annual fee.

The following companies, in particular, have not been commissioned or authorized by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office:

  • Deutsche Markenverlängerung AG
  • DFA Deutsche Finanz Administration GmbH
  • DMPVA UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
  • DMV-Deutsche Markenverlängerungs GmbH
  • DMVG Deutsche Markenverwaltung GmbH
  • DPMV-Deutsche Patent- und Markenverlängerung GmbH
  • European Trademark Organisation S.A.
  • Intellectual Property Agency Ltd.
  • Nationales Markenregister AG
  • Nationales Patentregister AG
  • Patent & Trademark Organisation LLC
  • PMS Patent und Markenservice AG
  • Trademark Renewal Service Ltd.

In case of questions regarding unsolicited mail you have received or to inform us about a company that should be mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us!


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has issued a warning concerning - partially misleading - services, requests for payment and invoices unrelated to WIPO.

Companies - some of them using similar names to official names of organisations - offer services, against payment, including the publication or registration of IP rights in non-official registers or the renewal of an IP right for WIPO. Some of the services, payment requests or invoices and payment slips, sent by those companies, bear close resemblance to official forms.

Holders of international registrations who received such communication can contact WIPO directly, before signing a reply form or sending any payment, to find out if the communication received is indeed an official communication by WPIO.

  • For this purpose, please contact the International Bureau by phone (+41 22 338 91 11) or by sending an e-mail to the following address:
  • In addition, the Legal Section of the Madrid Union remains available with respect to any query concerning this and any other legal inquiry:
  • More information in connection with patent applications under the PCT is provided by WIPO on the following webpage:

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